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Mangosteen Fruit Ingredient

December 1, 2005

Martin Bauer (MB) North America has added xanthosteen 3510 to its xanthosteen line of Garcinia mangostana, or mangosteen fruit ingredients. Xanthosteen 3510 is the only mangosteen peel extract available standardized to three individual markers: 3,500 µmoleTE/g ORAC total, 10% alpha-mangostin by HPLC and 20% polyphenols. Xanthosteen 3510 is also produced under a pharmaceutical manufacturing license for the newly implemented European Union Good Manufacturing Practices. MB North America offers a variety of additional mangosteen peel extracts, peel powders and fruit powders as part of its xanthosteen line.

For further information: 310-534-7100.
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