Peer-reviewed Research

Cordyceps mushroom (CordyMax)

June 1, 2004

Indication: Energy

Source: Experimental Biology meeting, Washington, D.C., April

Research: Pharmanex, Provo, UT, carried out a double-blind, randomized trial on 131 sedentary volunteers to measure exercise capacity, endurance performance and exercise related metabolic alterations before, in the middle of, and after the 12-week study in a placebo group and a CordyMax group, which was taking three grams of the supplement daily. Researchers used peak volume of oxygen consumption to measure fitness in the two groups.

Results: Peak volume of oxygen consumption increased over 5% in the CordyMax group but not significantly in the placebo group. In addition, the time to peak volume oxygen consumption increased by over 4% in the mushroom group, but there was no change in the placebo group. Researchers said this suggests the supplement may increase physical strength for aerobic exercise. Researchers also measured exercise endurance in a one-mile walk. Participants in the supplement group completed the one-mile walk 29 seconds more quickly than the placebo group. Re­searchers concluded that over the three weeks, participants in the CordyMax group increased their use of oxygen and endurance during exercise, and also relieved tiredness.