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Jan/Feb 2015 Issue
Last Updated Sunday, March 1 2015
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Immune Support Line

Published September 1, 2001
Natrol, Chatsworth, CA, has introduced My Defense™, a comprehensive formula intended to stimulate, support and cleanse the body year round to maintain immune health. My Defense™ was formulated with ImmuneEnhancer™ AG, a patented all-natural arabinogalactan-based extract. ImmuneEnhancer AG has been researched in recent clinical studies that show stimulation of the im­mune system and natural killer cells as well as macrophage activity.

In other Natrol news, Remedief™ is now available. The formula was developed to deliver natural pain relief associated with tension, stress and overexertion. This formula was developed using patent pending natural COX-II inhibitor Nexrutine®, kava and white willow bark to give the consumer a systemic approach to natural pain management.

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