Fiber Drink Mix And Whey Protein Shake

September 1, 2001

An all-natural drink mix, Fiber-Psyll™, has been designed by M.D. Labs, Tempe, AZ. The high fiber formulation for men and women counters the effects of inadequate dietary fiber intake, such as irregular bowel function, which hinders detoxification, and elevated blood glucose levels from increased consumption of carbohydrates. Fi­ber–Psyll is a patented dietary fiber and prebiotic, specifically intestinal mi­croflora and psyllium husk. Fiber-Psyll is fat free, sugar free and aspartame-free, dis­solves in­stantly in water and comes in a lemon-lime flavor.

In addition from M.D. Labs is an Instant Whey Protein Shake ™ powder, which now comes in two-pound wide mouth canisters. Available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, this product is aspartame-free and lactose-free.