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EPAX Heads into Condition-Specific Markets

May 1, 2006

EPAX Heads into Condition-Specific Markets
EPAX, Lysaker, Norway, recently broke away from its parent company to concentrate on the business-to-business segment with its concentrated omega 3 EPA/DHA oils. While its former parent company, Pronova, focuses on the pharmaceutical market, EPAX will target supplement, and eventually food and beverage companies with its omega 3 fatty acid product lines. According to Gunilla Traberg, marketing manager, this development allows the company to move into more specific product application areas. “We are interested in going after specific health areas like mood health, cognitive support and heart and joint health,” she said. “The previous focus on wellness was too vague and commodity-based.” The company is also busy on the research front. In fact, EPAX 1050 is currently being studied in Alzheimer’s patients in a hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition, the company has been hard at work developing and promoting its technology for cleaning and purifying its fish oils. Because of this, EPAX can guarantee much lower levels of mercury and PCBs in its products.

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