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NPA Natural Seal Certifications Up 50% to Cover 1200 Products

March 4, 2013

NPA has reached a new milestone in the certification of natural products and ingredients.

The Natural Seal program led by the Natural Products Association (NPA) has hit a new milestone with the 1200th certification of natural products and ingredients, according to data released by NPA. The first and only natural certification in the U.S., the Natural Seal helps millions of Americans identify personal care and home care products that are truly natural. Certified manufacturers can use the Natural Seal on their labels. A full list of natural products and ingredients can be found at

“The Natural Products Association is leading the trend toward natural in America. In today’s marketplace, many products claim to be natural when they’re not. How can shoppers be completely confident that the items they’re purchasing are truly natural? The solution is the Natural Seal,” said John Shaw, NPA executive director and CEO. “Nationwide, more and more people are making the choice to go natural for the products they buy. The Natural Seal helps them quickly and easily identify truly natural products for themselves and their loved ones.”
“We’ve been seeing brands both large and small apply for Natural Seal certification. As consumers and retailers are asking for natural products, manufacturers are stepping up to answer the call,” said Cara Welch, Ph.D., NPA senior vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs. “The growth in the program in just one year’s time has been phenomenal. It’s exciting to see the accelerating demand for natural products.”
NPA reports that over 85,000 stores nationwide carry products with the Natural Seal, and 726 products and 485 ingredients have been certified natural by the program. In addition, 91 companies offer NPA-certified products or ingredients.

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