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NutraCea Changes its Name to RiceBran Technologies

October 12, 2012

NutraCea, a producer and marketer of value added products derived from rice bran, has changed its name to RiceBran Technologies™ and added two new members to its Board of Directors.
“Coupled with our long-standing tag line - nutrition by nature - our new name clearly defines who we are and what we do,” said CEO & President W. John Short. “Earlier this year we completed a three-year portfolio transformation from a multi-divisional business operator to complete focus on our Rice Bran Bio-Refining business model. RiceBran Technologies aptly describes our focused approach to that rice bran-centric business model.”
The company also added Robert C. Schweitzer and David Goldman to its Board of Directors. Mr. Schweitzer, is currently chairman of the board of directors at PetMed Express Inc., and has been appointed to serve on several board committees including our Executive, Compensation, Nominating & Governance and Audit Committees. Mr. Goldman, who enjoyed a 35-year career at Deloitte & Touche, will act as chairman of RiceBran’s Audit Committee.

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