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April 2014 Issue
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Rebecca Wright
July 1, 2011
It’s true; becoming a mom changes you. For one, I care more about what I put on my shelves, in my refrigerator and on my family’s dinner table. I constantly find myself looking at labels to make sure I can pronounce and understand the ing…  Read More »
June 1, 2011
People have been buzzing about personalized nutrition for years, with little or nothing to show for it in terms of big market introductions or widespread consumer acceptance.  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
May 1, 2011
Kermit the Frog (arguably the most famous Muppet) sings a popular song about how hard it is to be green. Turns out he’s not alone. Many companies are finding it hard to go green in this day and age of environmental and social responsibility. An…  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
April 1, 2011
There is no harder job than raising a child. And now that I’m a parent I can certainly attest to that.   Read More »
Rebecca Wright
March 1, 2011
We all want to live long, but more important we want to live well. And consumers today—of all ages—have their own expectations for what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
January 1, 2011
From health claims to sustainability to supplement science, 2011 is certain to be an interesting year.  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
December 1, 2010
Since this is the season of giving, Nutraceuticals World would like to offer our most recent issue as the gift that keeps giving the whole year.  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
November 1, 2010
Today, this industry has many rules—advertising rules, health claim rules, safety rules, etc.—and they impact business no matter where a company chooses to operate. Pete Zambetti of Capsugel, who opens this issue’s International Mar…  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
October 1, 2010
Technology has taken society to places once thought impossible—from air travel to Internet shopping to cars that can parallel park themselves. But sometimes technology moves too fast for us to comprehend future implications, both the benefits a…  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
September 7, 2010
The beauty-from-within market, or what we call Beauty I&O, held steady during the recession, along with the other segments that filter into the category, such as organic and natural ingredients. While growth has not been stellar, and there have…  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
September 1, 2010
There is a blogger out there who prides herself on being fat. And she uses this description to explain what she writes about: “Fatshionista is a full-fat and diet-free blog dealing with body politics and cultural criticism.” Lately, she&r…  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
July 1, 2010
Riding a wave swelling with consumer interest and product activity, the functional beverage market has performed superbly over the last several years. In fact, according to Mintel, the market grew 25% between 2004 and 2008. But, as many experts predi…  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
June 1, 2010
This month it was my turn to journey through the world of men’s health. And I can tell you that my ride wasn’t nearly as interesting as my associate editor’s—Sean explored the world of women’s health in the May issue (…  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
May 3, 2010
Being a new mom, I thought I would be in a good position to write this month’s article on women’s health. But seeing as how I pretty much know (and have experienced) most everything (and writing about contract research organizations is fa…  Read More »
Rebecca Wright
April 1, 2010
On March 21st the U.S. House of Representatives passed the hotly debated healthcare reform bill (and it will likely get President Obama’s signature before the ink is dry on this editorial). While this may change the health insurance situation f…  Read More »

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