NatAxtin Astaxanthin Made Sustainably in Nature


Atacama Bio Natural Products’ location in the Atacama Desert in Chile is an ideal environment for the cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis.

To commercially produce natural Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis, two factors are strictly needed: an exceptionally clean environment so the microalgae can grow strong without contamination or biological competition, and an intense light source to enable carotenogenesis of astaxanthin. Both conditions can be created and forced using technology but, what if there is a perfect place on Earth where you can access both naturally? Atacama Bio Natural Products believes there is such a place, and it is the Atacama Desert in the North of Chile.
Atacama is a remarkable clean environment as it is away from urban zones (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), agricultural zones (pesticides), rainy areas (acid rain), and regions with fauna presence (salmonella, feces). With almost a total lack of precipitation, and the Atacama skies are often cloudless. Additionally, the desert has the highest solar irradiation in the world which, combined with the environmental cleanliness, provides vibrant year-round sunlight for Haematococcus pluvialis to thrive and produce astaxanthin.
Thanks to its privileged location in the Atacama Desert, the Chilean company has developed a production technology that takes advantage of the geographical and climatological conditions. Atacama Bio Natural Products uses a raceway photobioreactors production system which is sustainable, low energy consuming, and closely resembles the way that nature intended for Haematococcus pluvialis to grow, a biomimicry concept. It uses the energy from the sun, and the algae synthesize carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, thus contributing to a lesser carbon footprint. The facilities have access to pure underground water coming directly from the peaks of the Andes Mountain Range. Together, all these factors have a significant impact on the production’s costs, a benefit transferred to the customers.
Nowadays, consumers value the way products are manufactured. They want ingredients to come from superb natural sources. The proprietary technology of Atacama Bio Natural Products imitates the original living conditions of Haematococcus pluvialis, culturing the algae in pond-like raceways, gently moved by paddles, and exposed to the vibrant sun. The company’s branded ingredient is called NatAxtin.
Atacama Bio Natural Products offers a long-term win-win commercial relationship supported by a multidisciplinary, experienced team. The proprietary production technology assures a reliable, scalable supply of 100% (3S, 3’S) Astaxanthin stereoisomer from Haematococcus pluvialis, NAXA verified.