Lallemand Health Solutions Highlighted New Delivery Format


ComboCap’Biotics dual-chamber capsule, along with its scientifically-backed portfolio of probiotic strains, were key topics at Vitafoods.

Lallemand Health Solutions presented ComboCap’Biotics—the world’s first dual-chamber, wet-and-dry transparent capsule with a moveable membrane. It’s a new solution to combine probiotics with incompatible ingredients without processing, to retain their identity and efficacy for an unlimited range of probiotic possibilities. 
At Vitafoods Europe, the company’s business and product development experts were on hand to discuss new partnerships, licensing opportunities, and the science behind its probiotics for women’s health, sports, gut health, natural defenses, oral health, and the brain-gut axis. 
Brain-Gut Axis and PROBIO’STICK
Lallemand also presented details on the first-ever clinical study on the brain-gut axis which demonstrated PROBIO’STICK promoted a positive mood during stressful events. The company further documented the specific benefits of three probiotic combinations or strains (Probio’Stick, Lacidofil, and Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-71) with an exceptional track-record of publications: 17 mechanistic studies and five clinical studies. PROBIO’STICK products are available in powders, sticks, sachets, capsules and chewable tablets.