HERMES PHARMA Serves Up Supplements in Coffee Pods


The new dosage form provides food supplements in Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

HERMES PHARMA, an expert in user-friendly oral dosage forms, introduced HERMES NutriCaps at Vitafoods Europe 2019. HERMES NutriCaps is a new dosage form that provides food supplements in Nespresso-compatible (hard pod) coffee capsules.

HERMES NutriCaps is an innovative and user-friendly way to integrate food supplements in a person’s daily routine, the company said. As consumers can now use their Nespresso coffee machine at home to prepare their supplements, preparation and dosing become extremely simple, safe and fast. HERMES NutriCaps follow the same protocol as for coffee preparation: lift the lever, insert the capsule, close the lever, place a cup and press the “lungo size” button. 

Supplements are consumed as a hot drink, which is easy to swallow, fun to take and pleasant to taste—in contrast to many other supplements on the market, which come as conventional capsules or tablets. Potential applications of the new dosage form include products for anti-aging & beauty, digestive health, sports, energy & recovery, women’s health and more.

Dr. Detlev Haack, Head of Innovation at HERMES PHARMA, said: “As 50% of the population has difficulties swallowing conventional tablets and capsules (see swallowing, supplements must be convenient and easy to swallow, so people enjoy taking them. We believe that HERMES NutriCaps will open a new era of delivering food supplements—and a profitable business for our B2B customers.”