Ashland Launches Range of Coatings and Binders in Europe


Aquarius film coating system created specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products.

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Ashland has introduced to the European market its new bright white coatings without TiO2. The Aquarius Nutra TF titanium dioxide-free, pigmented tablet coatings are a solution for customers concerned about using titanium dioxide as an ingredient. The white coatings demonstrate good brightness comparable to traditional white film coatings for oral solid dosage forms, according to the company. Aquarius Nutra TF coatings also come in a variety of colors. Providing convenience, the coatings are fully formulated and provide immediate release. This new aqueous film coating system was created specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products.
Ashland also premiered the new Aquarius organic film coating system and NutraPress organic tablet binder for dietary supplements. The coating and binder are made with organic, non-allergenic ingredients and are label-friendly. The new coating is an aqueous-based alternative to animal-derived, shellac-based systems, providing exceptional gloss and improved slip for packaging while preventing dusting. Ashland has a proprietary process for the new organic binder that ensures good binding performance, powder flow, and disintegration and helps customers seeking to meet organic label claims.
In addition to these latest introductions, Ashland highlighted several other consumer-focused initiatives:
New aloe lime mint vitamin water features Ashland’s organic and sustainably sourced aloe vera. The beverage also showcases Ashland’s capability to provide a powder pre-mix to beverage manufacturers that contains vitamins, sweeteners and spray-dried aloe vera.
Aloe vera is one of the trendiest consumer ingredients and Ashland’s Aloe vera can meet the requirements of the most discerning customer. To ensure a quality product, Ashland harvests and processes the Aloe vera leaves in-house. Ashland practices sustainable farming methods and responsibly invests in the local communities in which it operates. Ashland’s Aloe vera is grown organically and is available in a range of concentrations and grades for food, beverage and personal care applications.
The Vitafoods Tasting Centre also featured the company’s Phase 2 carb controller in a unique direct-to-mouth sprinkle pack. Phase 2 carb controller is a natural, non-stimulant ingredient that has been clinically proven to reduce the digestion and absorption of dietary starches.
Ashland is also premiering its vitamin fortified pre-mix dark chocolate cherry almond protein bar, which contains 3 grams of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and 9 grams of protein, and only 190 calories per bar. It includes Ashland’s Acti-Solve MCTs, powdered medium chain triglycerides and drum-to-hopper capabilities. By combining the functional powder ingredients into one powder solution, bar manufacturers can streamline their manufacturing process.
In the New Product Zone, Ashland showcased two new products: GPM fermented whole food vitamins and minerals were developed for easy digestion and improved bioavailability. For the most discerning formulator, Ashland introduced NutraPress, an organic binder and disintegrant.