Prinova Highlights Innovation with Bone Broth, Nootropics, and More


A vegan protein shake is one of the concepts on the company’s 'demo tour.'

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Prinova is inviting Vitafoods Europe visitors to take part in a “demo tour” showcasing its range of scientifically proven ingredients and custom formulations.
Visitors who book a tour will discover innovative concepts for a range of formats, including:
Organic Bone Broth Soup
OmniBroth is a high-quality, high-collagen bone broth produced by Essentia Protein Solutions. Rich in collagen proteins, amino acids, and other nutrients, its benefits include fat loss, enhanced satiety, and improved bone strength and density.
OmniBroth is the perfect base for ready-to-drink bone broths and other nutrient-dense soups. 
At Vitafoods Europe Prinova will be showcasing three flavor-rich savory soups that highlight OmniBroth’s versatility and unique nutritional profile.
Yuzu Cherry-Flavored Collagen Shot
Collagen will also feature in a yuzu cherry-flavored shot featuring OmniCol 110, a taste-neutral powdered protein developed by Essentia Protein Solutions. OmniCol 110 is 100% natural, free from dairy, soy, grain, and gluten. It is non-GMO and low in fat.
Vegan Sugar-Free Gummies
Visitors to Prinova’s stand will also be able to learn more about the benefits of Active TR Natural Caffeine, a micro-encapsulated ingredient from AnaBio Technologies Ltd. Active TR Natural Caffeine has proven benefits for athletes and provides delayed pulsative release of caffeine over several hours, helping prevent overdosing. It will feature in a convenient vegan sugar-free gummy that can help enhance focus and improve energy levels during exercise.
Vegan Protein Shake
Prinova can also help manufacturers meet demand for plant-based proteins. New recipes featuring pea and rice protein will showcase how Prinova has been able to overcome their strong taste and provide better texture and mouthfeel. These include a vegan protein shake containing all the essential amino acids.
Nootropic Beverage
Nootropics, also known as cognitive enhancers, are supplements that help improve aspects of brain function such as focus and memory. Prinova has used a blend of botanical extracts, amino acids and vitamins to create a non-stimulant nootropic beverage. These ingredients are selected to work in synergy to improve cognition and reduce stress.
Sugar-Free L-Carnitine Gummies
Finally, visitors who take the demo tour will be able to sample sugar-free gummies dosed with the fat-burning ingredient L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is also reported to help improve muscle recovery and enhance memory and concentration levels.