Parry Nutraceuticals Presents its Microalgae Lineup


At Vitafoods, Parry will put a spotlight on organic and sustainable practices.

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Parry Nutraceuticals, a division of EID Parry (I) Ltd, based in Chennai, has become a world leader and expert in micro-algal technology. Parry is the only micro-algal innovator in the world producing all three microalgae—spirulina, haematococcus (astaxanthin), and chlorella. The company works with ecologically sustainable cultivation practices that help preserve nutrients for optimum absorption.
Unlike a lot of microalgal foods and supplements in the market produced on a commercial scale using inorganic means, Parry’s organic microalgae supplements are safe for consumption and react on the cell level directly. The company adopts advanced, state-of-the-art technology based on two-decades’ worth of R&D to craft superior supplements that promise quick absorption of key nutrients.
A fitting example of the company’s commitment towards creating healthy, nutrient-dense products is Parry’s spirulina, which is produced in a pollution-free environment using 100% organic and vegetarian nutrients. The company said its pristine location provides the ideal conditions for cultivating organic spirulina year-round. The care to select the best cultivation methods helps Parry produce spirulina with high concentration levels of phycocyanin, and beta-carotene pigments. Parry’s organic spirulina is not only USP verified and Naturland certified but also complies with California Prop 65 limit. Apart from powder, tablets, and granules, Parry’s minimally processed spirulina range comes in some exciting new formats that are more convenient and fun to consume. Be it organic certified spirulina sticks, crunchies, or flakes, with a liberal sprinkling of microalgal goodness, soups, salads, and smoothie bowls can get a healthy facelift.
Parry’s chlorella is another key range of supplements. Parry grows organic chlorella, considered one of the earliest forms of life, using certified organic materials. The ideal weather conditions in Parry’s cultivation areas produce chlorella rich in chlorophyll, and high concentration of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). Available in powder and tablet formats, Parry's state-of-the-art hybrid and proprietary cell-wall cracking process is a soft method that ensures the cell walls are broken and nutrients are more digestible, absorbable, and bioavailable.
Parry’s entire range of microalgae supplements is produced and processed with a clear goal of sustainability. The company’s best practices ensure it causes the least negative impact on the environment. This means Parry takes great pains to avoid wasting water and undertakes responsible usage and management of water. Parry is working towards being “water-positive”— wherein the company puts more water into the ground than it takes out of its cultivated land. The Parry team optimizes its water usage by using state-of-the-art methods for rainfall collection, careful tracking and monitoring of water drawn from underground aquifers, thereby reducing loss during post-cultivation processing, and reusing filtered and purified water. Parry collaborates with several equipment and technology experts from around the world to work towards achieving a complete water-positive footprint.
Parry’s science-backed product offerings embody advanced technological practices in microalgal cultivation honed over a period of two decades. Tested regularly for quality and adherence to international standards, Parry’s natural superfoods are the loved and preferred forms of dietary supplements for global health brands selling across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Far East.