Nexira Celebrates Sustainable Sourcing


Acacia fiber, cactus, and baobab will be key ingredients in focus.

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At Vitafoods Nexira will showcase its commitment to sustainable sourcing with three major ingredients: acacia fiber, cactus, and baobab. Nexira will also present the NutraIngredients Awards finalist EnoSTIM, and its sulfite-free grape seed extract VinOseed SO free.

Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing
Since its foundation in 1895, Nexira has dedicated itself to one goal: to provide the best natural innovative ingredients for the food, nutrition, and health industries.

The company has built its reputation as the global leader in acacia gum. With more than 120 years of experience with Africa, Nexira has developed long-term partnerships and strong expertise on acacia gum sourcing. Supported by extensive scientific studies, Nexira supports acacia gum promotion, especially with its flagship brand Fibregum.

The material used for NeOpuntia and Cactinea is a cactus Opuntia ficus indica from the Mediterranean area. Nexira has established sustainable relationships with local growers, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting sourcing, with premium quality resulting from mutual trust and mutual interest. 

Nexira continues to reinvent itself offering now organic baobab superfruit powder. A symbol of Africa, baobab (Adansonia digitata) is also called “Africa’s tree of life.” Nexira’s baobab powder is organic certified and sustainably sourced in Africa thanks to strong supplier partnerships.
Happy Anniversary Neopuntia
2019 is a special year for Neopuntia who celebrates its 20th birthday! Nexira will unveil the new graphic identity of its two cactus brands with a glass of champagne on May 7 at 5pm. 

Taste an Organic Baobab Smoothie
Nexira’s organic baobab powder has a high nutrient content, antioxidant properties, and a unique slightly tangy taste. All these benefits make baobab superfruit powder perfect for a large array of applications, such as functional foods & beverages, smoothies & juices, dietary supplements, mixes, snacks, cereals, fruit bars, ice-creams & yogurts. Take the opportunity to taste it at the company’s booth on May 8, from 11am to 3pm!