Activ’inside Debuts EXPRESS H2O Extracts


Unique extraction technology allows for organic, solvent-free botanicals.

France-based Activ’inside has launched a new, patented range of organic, solvent-free, premium extracts, EXPRESS H2O, using a unique flash extraction technology that preserve the benefits of active molecules without using any solvent or additional ingredient, the company said.
These value-added extracts result from an innovative, fast natural extraction process with subcritical water. Thanks to water, optimal temperature and pressure, the technology concentrates native active molecules for a premium composition, the company said.
“EXPRESS H2O range of extracts is the perfect innovation to make the difference. As consumers are increasingly looking for natural, safe and simple products but with tasty and healthy features, they can have all in one extract,” said Benoit Lemaire, CEO of Activ’inside. “Through the name EXPRESS H2O, we offer you the chance to benefit from the high qualitative claim ‘expresso,’ for a different and premium-value communication.”
The company also offered three ready-to-use solutions for instant drinks based on patented active concepts Memophenol, SkinAx2, and Safr’Inside. While maintaining their quality and preserving their actives compounds, each formulation has been designed to disperse into water with particles staying in suspension.
“This development is a powerful opportunity for the customer. More than an instant powder, we propose a global concept integrating the active compounds clinically tested, taste, texture and color. But still open for your own customization,” said Mr. Lemaire.