Stepan Lipid Nutrition Highlights Marinol Product Line


Company’s ingredients can improve the health of end consumers while boosting product performance for manufacturers.

Booth C42
Stepan Lipid Nutrition will feature its portfolio of innovative ingredients, with a spotlight on its Marinol product line, at VitaFoods Europe Booth C42.
Visitors will get a chance to taste two samples that contain Marinol Omega-3 Triglycerides: OmegaWater and an Omega Smoothie. The OmegaWater has 80 mg EPA DHA per 16 oz. serving and is rich in vitamins A, D, and E with just 18 calories, and the Omega Smoothie multi-serving has up to 1500 mg EPA DHA per 15 ml serving. This high DHA concentration comes from the natural enzymatic process used to produce Marinol. The process uses no chemicals and reduces saturated fatty acids.
Sustainably sourced Marinol undergoes a gentle, proprietary multiple purification process and remains in the most bioavailable form of natural triglycerides. Marinol has good emulsification properties, enabling ease of formulation for customers’ needs. Applications include beverages, nutritional products, sports nutrition products, baked goods and bars.
NEOBEEMediumChain Triglycerides are produced with a patented purification process using plant sources and medium-chain fatty acids from RSPO Mass-Balanced certified palm oils. Available in both 50% and 70% powders, NEOBEE MCTs are rapidly metabolized to provide a quick energy source to body and brain as an alternative to glucose. Research has indicated that NEOBEE MCTs may increase the metabolism of fats and improve endurance, as well as support enhanced nutrient absorption. Commercially available for more than 60 years, NEOBEE MCTs have a neutral taste which does not interfere with complex flavor profiles. Recommended applications include sports nutrition, weight management products and beverage mixes.
Clarinol CLAhas a high concentration of Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs) in the form of triglycerides. Human clinical studies have shown that CLA may decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass while it mimics the physiological effects of exercise. Sold globally for more than 15 years, Clarinol CLA is available in multiple forms and recommended applications are food supplements and sport nutrition products. 
Stepan Lipid Nutrition’s ingredients can improve the health of end consumers while boosting product performance for manufacturers. The company’s portfolio of naturally-derived ingredients helps customers overcome formulation obstacles, while enabling fast track product development to energize a product line.