GELITA to Discuss Science for Smart Solutions


Company broadens scientific foundations of collagen peptide supplementation and brings capsule fill release to a new level.

Booth I20
GELITA, a leading manufacturer of collagen proteins, will be showcasing the most up-to-date scientific evidence in collagen peptide research at Vitafoods Europe Booth I20. With new high quality study results available in the fields of mobility, body toning, beauty from within, and wound healing, GELITA strengthens its position as a preferred partner for the development of innovative supplements and functional food products with proven efficacy. At the show, the company will also present RXL R², a gelatine for soft capsules with revolutionary fast fill release performance.
With their special nutritional and technological properties, Bioactive Collagen Peptides are enjoying increasing popularity in the food and dietary supplements market. At Vitafoods, GELITA’s nutritional experts will inform visitors about several new scientific studies, for example with regards to mobility. New research on knee pain reduction in athletes and osteoporosis prevention in postmenopausal women has once again underlined the effectiveness of FORTIGEL and FORTIBONE. By stimulating the body’s own cells to strengthen the structure of joints and bones, these specific collagen peptides operate from within and help people to stay active and mobile at every life stage, the company said.
Protein supplementation is of special interest for active men and women who work out in the gym. A recent study with GELITA’s BODYBALANCE revealed a significant increase in fat-free body mass after resistance exercise and BODYBALANCE supplementation compared to placebo. Furthermore, collagen peptide treatment led to significant fat mass reduction, whereas muscle strength and waist circumference improved after intake.
Novel Applications for VERISOL
In recent years, a series of clinical studies have shown that supplementation with VERISOL collagen peptides leads to long-term improvements in skin health. Now, the first ever clinical trial has investigated the efficacy of VERISOL supplementation on nail growth and brittle nail syndrome. This study showed that supplementation led to clear improvements, and 8 out of 10 participants were satisfied with the performance of the treatment.
By influencing collagen metabolism directly from the inside, VERISOL gives the skin its firm structure and is essential for skin elasticity and resistance. That it can also improve the wound healing process after surgery has now been shown in novel research. Patients treated with VERISOL showed better wound healing results than the placebo group.
Fill Release Rates
Besides collagen peptides, GELITA offers various grades of pharmaceutical gelatine. At Vitafoods, the company’s Pharmaceutical Competence Team will present its latest development: GELITA RXL R2, a product that takes the reduced cross-linking concept provided by GELITA RXL one step further and brings new release (R²) performance to the market (3 times faster fill release compared to standard gelatine). Trials show that even under demanding storage conditions (6 months at 40C° and 75% r.h.), capsules with GELITA RXL R2 offer an identical fill release profile to fresh capsules.
Experts on Stage
GELITA’s leadership in the field of collagen proteins is reflected in the official Vitafoods program, which will feature two presentations from GELITA experts:
Tuesday, May 9 at 12:15 pm in the Exhibitor Presentation Theatre: Dr. Holger Beck, technical product manager Pharma at GELITA, will discuss GELITA RXL R² Gelatine and its fast fill release performance, improved shelf-life and potential for reduced cross-linking.
Wednesday, May 10 at 1:00 pm at the R&D Forum: Dr. Steffen Oesser, director of the Collagen Research Institute (CRI) will talk about Bioactive Collagen Peptides in sports nutrition and their impact on muscles, tendons, and bones.