MitoCarn Launches Suite of Patented L-Carnitine Solutions


Backed by 31 process patents and over 100 clinical studies, MitoCarn L-Carnitine targets Brain, Heart, Sport, and Weight.

MitoCarn launched its suite of patented L-Carnitine solutions at SupplySide West, including formulations targeted for Brain, Heart, Sport, and Weight.
MitoCarn’s L-Carnitine solutions focus on optimizing mitochondrial function by providing continuous energy to the body, antioxidant protection for cells, supporting lean energy production, minimizing cellular waste during ATP, and helping to manage the cellular aging process.  MitoCarn’s targeted ingredients are uniquely designed to address four primary functions:
  • MitoCarn Heart: provides extra energy to heart cells during the metabolic process and helps increase blood flow to the heart and muscles.
  • MitoCarn Brain: is an Acetyl L-Carnitine compound that helps provide brain cells with the fuel they need to support healthy memory, learning, recall, and cognition levels.
  • MitoCarn Sport: is an L-Carnitine and fumaric acid compound that helps pumps up workouts, improves endurance and stamina, and renews fatigued muscles.
  • MitoCarn Weight: optimizes healthy metabolic function and increases insulin sensitivity for easier weight management.
“Mitochondrial function has taken on great importance as a primary contributor to overall health,” said Vaughn DuBow, brand banager for MitoCarn. “There has been significant advancement in research related to cellular and molecular contributors to the overall aging process. With the development of MitoCarn, we really sought out to provide consumers with the most tested, proven and effective forms of L-Carnitine to address mitochondrial health. We’re really excited to share these solutions.”
MitoCarn ingredients offer superior quality assurance and traceability. The ingredients are produced in Biosint’s S.p.A. pharmaceutical facility in Semoneta, Italy, which is recognized as the first manufacturer of L-Carnitine to obtain FDA approval. In addition, MitoCarn is backed by 31 process patents and over 100 clinical studies for safety and function. A Certificate of Analysis confirming test methods and declarations showing the absence of toxins, pesticides, allergens, GMO, irradiation, and nanomaterials accompanies every batch produced.