Ashland Reveals Distribution Agreements, Debuts New Sports Nutrition Ingredients


Company reboots two existing formulations for modern nutritional product solutions.

Ashland has entered two new distribution collaborations, developed three ingredients for the self-directed, sports-minded consumer, and rebooted two on-trend solutions.
“Our new collaborations expand Ashland’s ever-growing health and wellness portfolio of specialty solutions with consumer-recognized brands,” said William Wulfsohn, chairman and CEO, Ashland.
Ashland has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Clasado BioSciences to expand the company’s portfolio of health and wellness solutions with Bimuno prebiotics in North America. 
Bimuno is a targeted prebiotic which contains a unique composition of galactooligosaccharides (GOS) to preferentially feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Bimuno prebiotic’s safety and efficacy have been extensively studied in over 45 scientific publications.
“Consumers know that a healthy, balanced diet, rich in fiber can help achieve an optimally balanced gut which can lead to better health,” said Brian McGrath, vice president Health and Wellness, Ashland. “Clasado BioSciences has a global leading position in the research of gut-mediated wellness solutions including global patent protected technologies, and we are thrilled to partner with them in the U.S. market.”
Sports Nutrition
Sports enthusiasts, including the everyday athlete, are a growing segment of the population and they want to achieve their exercise and training goals faster. Ashland is strengthening the game in sports nutrition with biotech company, Specnova, and has been named as the exclusive U.S. distributor for NordicCherry tart cherry extract.
NordicCherry tart cherry extract is a highly bioactive, full-spectrum, whole fruit tart cherry extract. It enhances exercise recovery and enables the consumer to recover faster after a workout. In addition, it reduces soreness after exercise, promotes joint health and mobility and provides powerful antioxidant support.
NordicCherry extract has a strong sustainability profile. It is made with a clean, water extraction process so no harsh solvents are used, and it is traceable from farm to finished powder.
“We are excited about our relationship with Specnova who has a keen focus on best-in-class ingredients, unique technologies, stronger benefits and quicker results,” said McGrath. “Together, we will innovate and delight customers now and in future initiatives.”  
Fizz Without the Fuss
Effervescent technology is an appealing and versatile delivery system for supplements. For the consumer, effervescence provides an alluring, pleasant sensory experience over traditional tablets. In tablet or sachet form, effervescents are convenient and portable. Once reconstituted, they are an easy-to-swallow delivery system.
Manufacturing effervescent products presents several challenges. They require a dedicated and specialized facility with extremely low humidity processing conditions and specialized packaging. This requires expensive equipment and packaging components.
Ashland’s new patent pending StableFizz effervescent base combines a stabilized effervescent granulation system without the challenges of conventional effervescent technologies. Manufacturers can enjoy improved profitability due to increased formulation stability thereby avoiding the use of specialized equipment with high processing expenses. In addition, StableFizz base eliminates the need for specialized retail packaging. It is easy to use and versatile. It works in different dosage forms such as tablets, sachets or powdered beverages in canisters. 
Six-Hour Nutrient Release
Ashland is introducing N-Dur XR drink technology platform which extends nutrient release during the post-workout period for up to six hours.
N-Dur XR drink technology platform is great for sports beverages, especially when used with essential amino acids (EAAs) because it can support a combination pre- and post- workout beverage, the company said. It can be combined with ingredients such as nitric oxide boosters, energy systems and creatine. Available in an easy to use powder with enhanced dispersibility, it is compatible with whey and fruit-based formulations. N-Dur XR powder is vegan, Kosher and Halal certified.
During the show, Ashland sampled a workout recovery beverage made with N-Dur XR drink technology and essential amino acids (EAAs).
Nutritional Supplements
Ashland has extended its portfolio of binders and has launched Klucel Nutra U modified cellulose, an ultra-binder for nutritional supplement tablets. 
Klucel Nutra U modified cellulose provides excellent efficacy for poorly compressible actives with robust hardness, low friability and low binder usage levels.
“All of Ashland’s new solutions demonstrate meaningful synergies through our significant expertise in food and nutrition, with world-class ingredient processing which strengthens our game in sports nutrition.” said Vito Consiglio, vice president and chief commercial officer, Ashland. “Companies that anticipate and connect with consumers’ every day health concerns in a credible way will increase their opportunity for growth and profitability.”
Tapping into market trends, Ashland has also rebooted two solutions in its existing portfolio.
GPM Fermented Nutrients 
Fermented foods are a popular market trend, considered healthy and natural by consumers, and they are currently being studied for their influence on the gut microbiome.
Ashland’s GPM fermented nutrients provide the health benefits of fermented foods and nutrients with the convenience of supplementation, and they are now available globally. GPM fermented vitamins increase absorption and bioavailability, and the whole food nutrient matrix is very gentle on the stomach. Made from a patented process, they are gluten free, non-GMO and Kosher certified. Soy-free and organic versions are available.
Beating a Keto Cheat
Ashland can help consumers beat a Keto cheat with Phase 2 carb blocker. Ashland’s proprietary, natural ingredient is derived from the white kidney bean. Phase 2 carb blocker reduces the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches and has been clinically shown to reduce the digestion and absorption of dietary starches by up to 66%. Phase 2 carb blocker is a natural extract and is sold as a powder and can be used in a variety of end formats. Phase 2 carb blocker is GRAS and has received a letter of no objection from FDA. It is not genetically modified (non-GMO).