Arjuna Boosts Investment in BCM-95 Studies


Company to devote 5% of BCM-95 income to turmeric-centered research and development.

BCM-95 (Bio-curcumin) a high-potency turmeric extract of curcumin manufactured and marketed by Arjuna Natural Pvt Ltd. is now backed by 60 scientific studies. With superior bioactivity and proven efficacy reinforced by clinical support and continuous research, BCM-95 is now a leading industry standard for bioavailable curcumin.
Arjuna created the unique composition of curcumin and essential oil of turmeric that increases the bioavailability of free curcumin and provides multifaceted health benefits. In response to the sizeable sales growth of BCM-95 Arjuna is intensifying investment in research, infrastructure, and supply chain enhancements. The company is also reinforcing distribution efforts to broaden product availability across the U.S. and Europe. Through exploitation of Arjuna’s multiple partnerships and various sales channels, BCM-95 products are now available throughout the U.S. and in numerous regions globally.
“As we grow BCM-95 into the leading turmeric extract brand in the U.S. and EU, we are continuing to apply resources and cutting-edge research to support our clients and help them establish strong market differentiation,” said Benny Anthony, PhD, joint managing director for Arjuna. “BCM-95 has 60 peer-reviewed publications, including 27 human studies, plus 50 patents for product composition, process, and application. But we’re not stopping there. Arjuna will continue its collaboration with leading universities and institutes worldwide to discover more health benefits in turmeric.”
Not content to rest on its laurels, Arjuna will devote 5% of BCM-95 income to turmeric-centered research and development. Overall, the company devotes 10% of its income on R&D, including patents, clinical studies, and formulation advancement.
“Further studies of BCM-95 are planned for exploring the multiple health benefits of the ingredient as a hepatoprotective, for sports nutrition, and for its positive effects on certain inflammatory and lifestyle conditions,” said Anthony.
Studies show that BCM-95 is up to 500 times stronger than turmeric, and is retained at significant levels for at least eight hours after oral dosing, the company said. The efficacy and safety of BCM-95 for joint health was studied in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and knee osteoarthritis, showing BCM-95 to be effective as NSAIDs in treatment of arthritis symptoms.
Results of recent studies also demonstrate a link between BCM-95 and cognitive health, specifically helping alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and Alzheimer disease, working as either an adjunct or as a standalone therapy.
BCM-95 goes through stringent quality control from raw material sourcing throughout the manufacturing process in its own solar powered facility. Its therapeutic benefits are proven by rigorous clinical trials. Arjuna ensures traceability of BCM-95’s supply chain, from farm to finished supplement, to ensure a pure, clean, and safe product. 
BCM-95 and Bio-curcumin are exclusively licensed trademarks of Arjuna Natural Pvt Ltd.