NaturArk Launches Myrrh Extract Shown to Support Inflammatory Response


MyrLiq myrrh characterized by high levels of bioactive furanodienes.

NaturArk, a supplier of scientifically studied and validated ingredients for the human nutrition, health and beauty, and food and beverage industries, has launched its MyrLiq ingredient. An extract from the resin of the myrrh plant, MyrLiq is known to positively affect the aches and swelling associated with sports, active lifestyles and the common aging process, according to the company.
“NaturArk’s MyrLiq ingredient provides a cutting edge take on a product that has been used across the health field for centuries,” said Rodger Rohde, president and co-founder, NaturArk. “Over the course of human history, Myrrh has been used as a fragrance, a flavor, and as a medicinal food. Today, we’re excited to offer an ingredient that can help provide joint comfort and relief from aches across any number of life’s daily challenges and activities. ”
Specifically, the MyrLiq ingredient provides unusually high levels of natural furanodienes. Through the use of a patented, low-temperature extraction technique, the company has been able to capture and maintain not just the furanodienes, but also the character of myrrh, which has made it so desirable throughout history.
Additionally, it is available in two formulations, as a powder extract or as a fluid. The powder extract preserves the properties of its original raw material, which again is credited to the patented extraction process. Meanwhile, the fluid extract, which to company knowledge is the only source of liquid extract of myrrh resin-gums on the market, is free of ethanol.
Specifically, MyrLiq can help through the following:
Aches, Joint & Sore Muscle Support: Studies conducted on myrrh furanodienes demonstrated that furaneudesma-1, 3-diene and curzerene have bio-activity due to their interaction with opioid receptors of the central nervous system.
Sodium Channels: Furanodienes such as the furanodiene-6-one and metoxyfuranoguaia-9-ene-8-one show local joint, muscle and ache relief properties due to the selective and reversible block of sodium channels.
Inflammatory Response: The myrrh extract helps inhibit the production of IL-6 and IL-8 in cells of human gingival fibroblasts; block proteins involved in the inflammatory response process such as Cox; inhibits the formation of NO, ROS, TNF-a, PGE2, NF-kB and MAPK. Clinical studies indicate that the extract of myrrh helps inhibit negative effects of stressed or overworked joints.