Bioenergy Life Science Focused on Healthy Aging Solutions


Company to review evidence linking declining NAD and the aging process in presentation on Friday, Oct. 18 at 11 am.

Booth 5159
Bioenergy Life Science (BLS) will offer new ways to achieve healthy aging from the inside out at Booth 5159, offering a molecule-building contest and drawing for gift baskets.

Successfully assemble molecule models for a chance to win a basket full of goodies (mug, notebook, samples, hot/cold pack, hat, bag, and more). One basket will be given away each day of the Expo. While there, get updates from BLS on the latest research, new products and innovations. 
Join BLS Director of Scientific Affairs Michael Crabtree, ND as he reviews the substantial evidence linking declining NAD and the aging process at the Presentation Theater—“The Inside Out of Healthy Aging. A New Approach” on Friday, Oct. 18, 11-11:20 am, (Booth 1266).  
Be in the know about RiaGev, a unique combination of Bioenergy Ribose and vitamin B3 which uses the preferred pathway, and increases both NAD and ATP. 
“This is important because NAD and ATP must be in relative concentrations for any cell to survive and to reduce free radical and environmental stressors,” said Crabtree. “Our approach is simple—it’s to capture the healthy aging market on a truly scientific platform, turning the aging process inside out.” 
According to the company, RiaGev is unique because it enters the pathway directly so it increases NAD levels faster. RiaGev is more efficient because there are fewer steps needed to produce NAD.

Bioenergy Ribose, a 5-carbon monosaccharide, works by regulating the body’s natural energy synthesis. It helps muscles regenerate lost energy, reduces muscle soreness, and helps to level the body’s energy supply. Bioenergy Ribose is well suited for anyone who wants more sustainable energy, from the cellular level. It is especially ideal for products supporting heart health as well as for sports nutrition. A 2017 study published in the Journal of International Sports Nutrition found that ingesting D-Ribose may help people recover energy faster after periods of intense exercise. 

Having recently received Novel Foods Authorization from the European Food and Safety Authority, Bioenergy Ribose is gaining momentum and interest in several categories. It is suitable for formulation in food, beverage, dairy, confection, RTD beverages, powders and supplements, among others. 

RiaGev—which like Bioenergy Ribose is non-GMO and GRAS—offers benefits for mitochondrial health, immune support and age-related cognitive health. It is very usable in foods, powdered mixes and supplements, particularly capsules. RiaGev is for anyone interested in slowing the aging process from the inside out because it helps create healthier cells.