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Natac Solutions Joint Venture to Bring Concentrated Extracts to Market


Efficacious ingredients offer condition-specific functional benefits.

Radient Technologies Inc. and Grupo Natac S.L. (Natac) have launched a joint venture, Natac Solutions, designed to bring health and wellness ingredients to market.
“We saw an opportunity with our plant-based, clinically validated ingredients and RTI’s innovative extraction technology,” said Antonio Delgado, Natac CEO. “By leveraging each other’s strengths, we see unlimited potential in what we can create. We believe our combined approach to botanical extractions allows us—and our customers—to take the next step in the nutraceutical industry.”
Natac’s approach to ingredient development preserves the integrity of the holistic plant profile (Full Plant Profile) and simultaneously extracts all beneficial phytochemical ingredients so they can work together as nature intended. The final product offers concentrated extracts with consistent quality and bioavailability in lower doses. RTI’s patented technology (MAP), enhances the extraction process by increasing yield and purity while reducing processing time and energy.
“By implementing our disruptive, groundbreaking technology with Natac’s products, we believe that Natac Solutions will be able to provide the market place with innovative ingredients backed by strong science,” said Denis Taschuk, RTI CEO. “That’s a win-win for us and for brands looking to incorporate botanical ingredients in their products.”
The joint venture creates value both for the companies involved and the health and wellness brands they serve.