AT BOOTH #2227

Blue Diamond Highlights Almond Protein Powder


New plant-based protein offers clean taste from a source consumers love.

Booth 5121
Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division is ramping up the excitement for its new Almond Protein Powder, the company’s latest innovation in plant-based ingredients which represents a new frontier in health and nutrition.
For manufacturers and formulators of functional foods and nutraceuticals, Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder fills a genuine need for a better tasting and a more natural protein source and serves as an essential component of a protein ingredient blend. The powder’s fine texture, smooth mouthfeel and neutral flavor make it an ideal ingredient for nutraceutical blends, protein smoothies, shakes, and bars.
“We’re proud to offer a clean tasting, plant-based protein choice, and one from a recognized source such as almonds,” said Jeff Smith, director of marketing for Blue Diamond Global Ingredients Division. “Almond Protein Powder is perfectly positioned to take advantage of consumers’ preference for natural, plant-based ingredients, while offering manufacturers more versatility in formulating clean label, protein-enhanced products.”
While other protein sources require masking agents to neutralize unwanted taste and flavors, Mr. Smith noted that Blue Diamond Almond Protein powder has a clean taste and an extra-fine texture smooth enough for any application. “In fact, inclusion of Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder as a part of a protein blend can assist with masking unwanted flavors resulting from other protein sources.”
In addition to its preferable flavor and texture, Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder is an excellent source of magnesium, phosphorous, manganese and copper, and a good source of fiber, potassium and calcium. The ingredient is also non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, appealing to consumers of all dietary needs.
Visitors to Blue Diamond’s Booth 5121 were offered an opportunity to sample the almond protein powder in a protein shake and experience first-hand the clean taste that makes this ingredient a standout choice for product formulators.
Blue Diamond’s 100% pure, expeller-pressed Almond Oil was also featured at the booth. The ingredient also syncs with consumers’ and manufacturers’ interest in plant-based ingredients.