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With Three Technical Presentations, Ashland Sparks Conversations About Healthy Solutions


Company debuting new solutions that demonstrate synergies resulting from its acquisition of Pharmachem.

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To engage audiences and spark interesting conversations about healthy solutions, Ashland is presenting technical research during SupplySide West. The company is also debuting new solutions that demonstrate synergies resulting from Ashland’s acquisition of Pharmachem.
Technical Presentations
Gut-Brain-Axis: New Study: Probiotic Supplementation Improves Mental Health in Healthy Women
Dr. Ralf Jaeger, FISSN, CISSN, MBA Managing Member, Increnovo LLC, and Senior Scientific Advisor to Ashland, will present his research on Thursday, Nov. 8 at 1 p.m. in the IPA Pavillion. 
Probiotics have been linked to improved mental health through the gut-brain-axis by decreasing inflammation and increasing neurotransmitter availability. This new study examines the effect of probiotic supplementation (Probiotical, Italy) on psychological well-being, as measured by changes in mood (e.g., depression, anxiety, cognitive reactivity to sad mood), personality dimensions, and quality of sleep. Six weeks of probiotic supplementation in healthy women resulted in a significant improvement in mood with a reduction in depressive feelings, anger and fatigue, and an improvement in sleep quality.
Nutritional Supplement Solutions for the Organic Minded Consumer
Thomas Durig, senior R&D director, Pharmaceutical and Health and Wellness, Ashland, will also present on Thursday, Nov. 8, at 1 p.m. in the Exhibitor Presentation Theater.
With burgeoning consumer demand for organic supplements and organic certified formulation aids, excipients and formulation technologies that enhance and enable the efficacy, manufacturing efficiency, consumer experience, allure, and profitability of nutritional supplements are needed. This presentation focuses on recent developments and case studies highlighting organic tablet binder and coating solutions, including titanium dioxide-free pigmented coatings. Organic powder shakes, controlled release and fast melt sprinkle technologies will also be discussed. 
Enhancing Your Product’s Performance with Particle Engineering Solutions
Robert McCrimlisk, director of business development, Health and Wellness, Ashland, will present on Thursday, Nov. 8, at 1:20 p.m. in the Exhibitor Presentation Theater.
Manufacturers can enhance the functionality and performance of powdered products by modifying particle morphology and by manipulating the particles in their powder blend, changing the density, altering the rate of dispersion or minimizing segregation. This seminar walks the audience through the various powder processing techniques and explains how each can add value to products by redefining shape, size, and composition. 
New Products & Prototypes
Ashland is also launching organic and bright white, titanium dioxide-free coatings, an organic binder, and a one-step multi-functional binder-disintegrant at SupplySide West. These solutions demonstrate synergies resulting from Ashland’s acquisition of Pharmachem.
As health-conscious consumers aspire to live healthier lives they carefully consider their diets, exercise more frequently, and increasingly search for products that are higher in quality, more convenient, and demonstrate sustainable and socially responsible practices.
In May 2017, with the completion of the acquisition of Pharmachem, Ashland forged a global health and wellness business aimed at answering complex challenges for nutraceutical manufacturers and the self-directed consumer. Today, Ashland unveiled three new innovative market-changing technologies and transformative solutions for the nutraceuticals industry that will be showcased at SupplySide West Booth 4963.
These transformative solutions are designed to respond to consumers’ desires to manage a healthy lifestyle. They are also intended to refine the usability while potentially increasing the profitability for manufacturers.
1. Organic Inside & Out
Ashland introduced a new Aquarius organic film coating system and NutraPress organic tablet binder for dietary supplements. The coating and binder are made with organic, non-allergenic ingredients and are label-friendly. The new coating is an aqueous based alternative to animal-derived, shellac-based systems, providing exceptional gloss and improved slip for packaging while preventing dusting. Ashland has a proprietary process for the new organic binder that ensures good binding performance, powder flow and disintegration and helps customers seeking to meet organic label claims.
2. Bright White Coatings Without TIO2
Ashland’s new Aquarius Nutra TF titanium dioxide-free, pigmented tablet coatings are a solution for customers concerned about using titanium dioxide as an ingredient. The coatings demonstrate good brightness comparable to traditional white film coatings for oral solid dosage forms. Providing convenience, the coatings are fully formulated and provide immediate release. This new aqueous film coating system was created specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products.
3. Like Magic: A One-Step Binder Plus Disintegrant for Tablets
Ashland also introduced the new Klucel Nutra PLUS, an all-in-one binder-disintegrant excipient to simplify the direct compression of tablets. The new product’s improved powder flow ensures consistent performance during commercial scale manufacturing, refines usability and may reduce customers’ operating costs. Klucel Nutra PLUS binder-disintegrant excipient provides the right balance between tablet robustness and disintegration.
“Ashland is a company composed of 6,500 global solvers who are passionate about providing customers with creative solutions through the application of specialty ingredients and technologies,” said Vito Consiglio, group vice president, Ashland. “We are poised to enhance our position in fast-growing nutraceutical end markets and strengthen our food ingredients business through customized functional solutions. We thrive on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and focus on advancing the competitiveness of our customers. These new market-changing innovations underscore our unrivaled ability to solve.”
In addition to its newest introductions, Ashland will highlight several other consumer-focused initiatives during the trade show and offer prototype samples for visitors:
Aloe Vera—Lime Mint Aloe Vera Vitamin Water
This aloe vitamin water showcases Ashland’s capability to provide a powder pre-mix to beverage manufacturers that contains vitamins, sweeteners, and spray-dried aloe.
Aloe vera is one of the most on-trend consumer ingredients and Ashland’s Aloe vera can meet the requirements of the most discerning customer. To ensure a quality product, Ashland owns the farms and processes the Aloe vera leaves in-house. Ashland practices sustainable farming methods and responsibly invests in the local communities in which it operates. Ashland’s Aloe vera is grown organically and is available in a range of concentrations and grades for food, beverage and personal care applications.
Probiotics—Prebiotic & Probiotic Sprinkle Pack
This sprinkle pack contains a proprietary five-strain blend of micro-encapsulated probiotics plus a prebiotic. This is a direct-to-mouth sprinkle pack application which provides the health benefits of a prebiotic and probiotic plus great taste, convenience and portability. 
Research indicates gut health influences overall health. Ashland has partnered with a leading global producer of probiotics, Probiotical Healthcare Srl., to offer premium products and cutting-edge knowledge for nutraceutical applications.
Fermented Vitamins & Minerals—Plum Ginger Apple Cider Vinegar Shrub Drink
This drinking vinegar provides 2 grams of hydrolyzed fish collagen and 630 mg of Biotin GPM to address the “beauty from within” trend and consumers’ desire for fermented products.
For consumers, less sugar does not have to mean less satisfaction. Ashland’s Aqualon CMC products build back mouthfeel for sugar-reduced beverages for an experience that is closer to full sugar.
Vitamin Fortified Pre-Mix Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Protein Bar
This nutritious bar contains 3 grams of MCT and 10 grams of protein and has only 190 calories per bar. It demonstrates Ashland’s drum-to-hopper capabilities. By combining the functional powder ingredients into one powder solution, bar manufacturers can streamline their manufacturing process.
“Great synergies are resulting from our acquisition of Pharmachem,” said Brian McGrath, vice president Health and Wellness, Ashland. “Our technical skills, in combination with the formulation and processing expertise of Pharmachem, are delivering exceptional solutions in health and wellness, and with our global footprint, we can serve customers around the world.”
REBRAND 2018 Winner of Distinction 
In February, Ashland was recognized as a 2018 Winner of Distinction by REBRAND, the pioneer awards program for branding and the leading global resource for case studies on effective brand transformations, repositioning, revitalizing and redesign of existing brand assets to meet business goals. The REBRAND 100 awards are not a “beauty pageant,” but rather they are based on bona fide business challenges and the brand strategy applied to accomplish the business objectives. Ashland was recognized this year among other prestigious winners such as COTY, Cadillac, Hewlett Packard, Siemens and more.