AT BOOTH #2227

Bioriginal Launches Keto-Certified Coconut MCT Powders


Product line combines nutritional benefits of MCTs with the power of protein.

Booth 3251
Tapping into the rising popularity of MCTs, protein and the Ketogenic Diet, Bioriginal is introducing InstaMCT Pro coconut MCT powders. The company said the product is the only Keto-certified MCT powder on the market. Available in two proprietary versions, InstaMCT Pro and InstaMCT Pro + Ghee, Bioriginal’s new products combine the energy-boosting benefits of MCTs with a complete source of protein from collagen and whey, that offers zero carbs in every serving.
“MCT (medium chain triglycerides) sales are exploding,” said Bioriginal President Joe Vidal. “Consumers want portion packages and on-the-go solutions for this product that is becoming part of everyday lifestyles. Bioriginal’s formulas are the highest quality combinations in the industry.”
Bioriginal’s InstaMCT Pro products offer improved solubility due to a proprietary formula containing organic whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzed type 1 & 3 collagen sourced from grass-fed cows. Both products are soluble in hot liquids without the use of a blender and have a creamy taste and mouthfeel.
InstaMCT Pro provides 7 g MCTs and 2.4 g protein in each 10 g serving, and has a 70% MCT oil load. InstaMCT Pro + Ghee is the first-of-its-kind combination of MCTs, ghee, collagen and whey protein all in one product. It also offers an ideal 1:1 ratio of coconut-derived MCTs to grass-fed ghee in one convenient package.
Ketogenic-focused brand and product sales have rapidly increased in the last two years, with growth outpacing other diet plans and overall food trends, according to several industry studies.
InstaMCT Pro coconut MCT powders, available in canisters, sachets and bottles, are launching at SupplySide West at Booth 3251. Attendees can stop by to be one of the first to sample Bioriginal’s InstaMCT Pro products, along with Bioriginal’s Coconut Energy Boost and Organic Pumpkin Protein.