Artemis International Focusing on Aronia Berry for Heart Health


Berryceuticals specialist partners with Weider Global Nutrition on new heart health product.

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Aronia berries and their phytonutrient ingredients are gaining traction in the functional ingredients space, especially for their cardiovascular health benefits. Berryceuticals specialist Artemis International is on course to become the industry leader in supplying supplement and food/beverage manufacturers with BerryDark Aronia extract, powders, and concentrates from the company’s portfolio of flavonoid-rich antioxidant ingredients.
Companies like Weider are working on formulations featuring Artemis’ BerryDark Aronia. Weider has introduced a new Artery Health supplement formulated to support healthy heart function by keeping arteries flexible through proper calcium transportation and increased blood flow. Artemis’ BerryDark Aronia is a key ingredient in Weider’s new Artery Health formulation.
Weider agrees that heart health and Aronia are on the forefront. "Weider focuses on formulating with the highest quality ingredients; it’s important to have strong science so we know we’re giving people products that really work,” said Colby Mclellan, vice president of product development. "Weider is excited to partner with Artemis and offer BerryDark Aronia 15% in our new Artery Health product as a primary component in helping people achieve overall heart health results.”
Recognizing the emerging niche for Aronia-based nutraceutical ingredients, Artemis International is actively partnering with other manufacturers in product development featuring BerryDark Aronia in its formulations.
“We’re constantly exploring and leading new research and applications for our flavonoid-rich, dark berry extracts,” said Leslie Gallo, vice president of operations for Artemis International. “We believe that the emerging science and new interest in the heart health characteristics and other benefits of Aronia will become the next major wave in dark berry nutraceutical ingredients for use in dietary supplements, as well as functional food and beverages. Artemis Berryceuticals will be the leading edge of that wave.”
Artemis Berryceuticals are science-supported nutraceutical ingredients sourced from darkly-pigmented flavonoid-rich berries in the form of extracts, powders, concentrates and blends for use in food and beverage, dietary supplement and cosmeceutical industries. The company was on the forefront of the boom in elderberry during the 2017-18 flu season, and while elderberry remains the most well-known dark berry extract for this reason, the company continues to look to the future, which shines brightly for Artemis BerryDark Aronia ingredients, according to Ms. Gallo.