AT BOOTH #2227

Waitaki Biosciences Debuting CytoC for Musculoskeletal Support


Ingredient contains collagen type I and II, calcium, phosphorous and glycosaminoglycans to support bones, muscles and joints.

Booth 3153
Waitaki Biosciences, the New Zealand based manufacturer of natural nutritional ingredients, will be launching CytoC, a new ingredient for complete musculoskeletal health, at SupplySide West Booth 3153. A unique product designed with the understanding that a range of nutrients work together to support a healthy musculoskeletal aging process, CytoC contains both type I and type II collagen, along with calcium, phosphorous and glycosaminoglycans to support bone, muscle and joint health.
Waitaki Biosciences uses only high quality New Zealand grown raw materials in its ingredients. In particular, fruit varieties selected, like the green kiwifruit used in digestive health product, ActiPhen, and Ben Ard blackcurrants in high anthocyanin blackcurrant extract CassiPure, have high levels of bioactives thanks to the New Zealand growing environment and the company’s proprietary manufacturing processes.
PernaTec Greenshell Mussel Oil Extract, from sustainable New Zealand aquaculture grown Greenshell Mussels, is produced by an extraction process developed by Waitaki Biosciences that efficiently pulls high levels of phospholipids from the mussel to provide a free flowing amber oil with anti-inflammatory properties.