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Polyphenolics Predicts Personalization to Continue Emergence in Supplements


MegaNatural grape seed extracts to play greater role in new product development.

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The science of personalized nutrition, including nutrigenomics and microbiome support, is poised to fuel future growth in the natural products industry. During this year’s SupplySide West, Polyphenolics (Booth 3528) will be available to discuss why this momentum is already putting clinically proven, clean and traceable ingredients—such as its MegaNatural grape seed extracts—at the forefront of new product development.
“In the case of premium grape seed extracts, the direction appears to be toward unified applications,” said Polyphenolics President James A. Kennedy, PhD. “With their powerful antioxidant, cardiovascular and prebiotic activities, grape seed extracts tick multiple boxes. For example, we are learning more about how the microbiome profoundly affects general health. There is clear evidence that MegaNatural grape seed extracts have upper GI absorption, microbial metabolite absorption and lower gut activity to potentially provide an all-in-one benefit.” 
As personalized dietary supplementation becomes big business, it has evolved from health questionnaires to DNA testing. “Nutrigenomics is an indispensable component of any approach to intelligent personalized health and medicine,” said alternative health expert Bryce Wylde, whose new company Youtrients pairs nutrients with individuals’ DNA.
“I have always had a passion for researching the latest best-in-class ingredients used in the supplement industry,” said Mr. Wylde. “More recently, my focus has been determining how to match these to complement your DNA. Our grape seed extract is sourced from Polyphenolics, who deploy a safe and patented hot-water extraction process to remove polyphenols from the unfermented seed. Because water is the only solvent used, the environmental footprint is near zero.”
Mr. Kennedy predicted that more companies will follow Mr. Wylde’s lead, with a priority on using only premium ingredients. “Companies will be selecting premium, traceable and standardized ingredients with clinically proven effectiveness and substantial safety data. With MegaNatural-BP, Polyphenolics is poised to be at the right place at the right time.” 
Stronger consumer demand for transparency and purity are also factors in ingredient selection. “In addition to our vine-to-table transparency.  which exceeds federally mandated requirements, Polyphenolics routinely analyzes every batch of our grape seed extracts. And we are committed to primary research that furthers our industry’s knowledge base. For example, Polyphenolics Director of Quality and Technology Steve Kupina recently published a paper in the Journal of AOAC International validating why the Folin-Ciocalteu reagent is the best method for quantifying the phenolic content of dietary supplements.” The Folin-C method meets the recovery and repeatability requirements for the levels tested and was granted First Action status Official Method 2017.13.