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Indena’s Quercefit Shown to Improve Performance and Speed Recovery


Phytosome delivery system addresses bioavailability concerns of quercetin.

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Quercetin is one of the most common flavonoids available in several botanical species, known for its biological activities (such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic). Its use in several areas, including sports nutrition, has gained the interest of the scientific community over the last years. Nevertheless, the use of quercetin has been limited by its low bioavailability.
Indena’s Quercefit—standardized in quercetin—is formulated with the Phytosome delivery system to optimize the biological absorption of the flavonoids.
Compared to unformulated quercetin extracts, Quercefit proved to be up to 20-fold more bioavailable, according to a pharmacokinetic study. A controlled human study proved the effectiveness of 250 mg (twice/day) of the ingredient on amateur athletes practicing triathlon according to “Sprint” format (100 minutes for swimming 750 m + cycling 20 km + running 5 km). Quercefit has enhanced the resistance, by improving performance and speeding recovery, and reducing discomfort.
Showing versatility in terms of formulation options, Quercefit is a fine powder that can be applied to standalone or combination products.
To learn more about the product, and to better understand how optimizing the bioavailability of the flavonoid quercetin can enhance its efficacy, SupplySide West attendees are invited to a presentation by Anthony L. Almada titled “Quercefit—A New Direction in Performance Nutrition, and Beyond,” taking place at SupplySide Central Booth 1036 on Thursday, Nov. 8, 11:30 am to 12 pm.