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GELITA Featuring Collagen Protein Solutions


Company is the official collagen protein sponsor of SupplySide West.

Booth 3771
GELITA returns to Las Vegas and Supplyside West once again as the Official Collagen Protein Sponsor to showcase its latest collagen innovations and scientific findings for the nutritional supplement industry.
With much attention on the Sports Nutrition arena, GELITA is showcasing its roster of Bioactive Collagen Peptides. TENDOFORTE—GELITA’s latest collagen peptide brand—offers specific and optimized collagen peptides proven to strengthen tendons and ligaments. With its unique mode of action, this clean label ingredient is especially suitable for the booming sports nutrition market. GELITA will also present the latest scientific research on FORTIBONE, which underlines the ingredient’s potential to significantly increase bone mineral density. Finally, manufacturers of soft gelatin capsules will be able to see first-hand the complete spectrum of capsule fill release profiles, including the latest addition to GELITA’s delivery system portfolio: GELITA EC for enteric gelatin capsule performance.
Staying Active & Mobile
At Booth 3771, GELITA will offer visitors in-depth information on specific collagen peptides that support the musculoskeletal system. For example, TENDOFORTE has a pronounced stimulatory impact on the biosynthesis of extracellular matrix molecules in ligaments and tendons. This makes it highly suitable for sports nutrition products targeted toward protecting soft tissues in both amateur and professional athletes.
As it makes up 95% of organic bone matrix, collagen is also essential for strong and stable bones. Now, a new study has investigated the long-term effects of specific collagen peptide supplementation on bone health. Experts will be available at the GELITA booth to talk visitors through the promising results, which confirm a pronounced increase in bone mineral density after FORTIBONE supplementation.
To showcase how these and other GELITA Bioactive Collagen Peptides could work in finished products, GELITA has developed a full menu of exciting beverages and foods to be exclusively featured and sampled at the SupplySide West Tasting Bar (Booth 5735). At this GELITA CAFÉ within the Tasting Bar, attendees will have the opportunity to partake of everyday foods and beverages that have been creatively infused with collagen for added benefits and value. In addition to products with TENDOFORTE and FORITGEL, GELITA will offer selections including BODYBALANCE for body toning and increased muscle strength and VERISOL for improved skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, and even cellulite reduction as well as improved nail growth.
Fill Release Performance
Soft gelatin capsules are a preferred delivery method for all kinds of nutrients and active ingredients. By adjusting the production process of soft capsule gelatin, GELITA can modify the specific effect, timing and duration of the fill release to tie in with consumer needs. The latest addition to its portfolio is GELITA EC, the first and only gelatin product for true enteric performance, the company said. As of now, GELITA can cover the complete spectrum of desired fill release profiles, from very fast release in the stomach to very slow release in the intestine.
GELITA EC Gelatin product is just one product of a complete line-up for optimized gelatine for the world’s most popular delivery systems. GELITA has designed and developed a comprehensive portfolio of gelatins that provide excellent fill release performance for soft capsules, including GELITA RXL for reduced cross-linking and improved shelf stablity; GELITA RXL R2 for faster release of the active fill and custom-designed standard gelatine for optimum performance in hard- and soft-capsules and gummies.
Casual Connections
To continue the conversation and dive deeper into collagen proteins and their relevance in the market, join the GELITA team of experts for cocktails and hors devours, and enjoy a collagen protein infused cocktail dessert on Thursday, Nov. 8 from 4 to 5:30 pm as GELITA hosts a one-of-a-kind cocktail reception at its booth.
Experts on Stage
GELITA’s leadership in the field of collagen proteins is reflected in its participation in the official SupplySide West Lunch Brief program. On Thursday, Nov. 8, 12 – 1 pm, GELITA experts will discuss the emerging science of collagen in sports nutrition. Made popular in recent past in beauty markets, GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides go beyond beauty applications offering diverse benefits from general protein enrichment to more specific benefits on bone health, joint health, muscle health, skin health and even tendons and ligaments health.