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Stratum Nutrition Giving Away Trip to London for Two


Contestants to develop product concept using company’s ingredients.

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In recent years, tradeshows have become better known for their hangovers and free swag than new business and contact results. Although Stratum Nutrition ramped up its tradeshow strategy a bit last year, it still achieved similar results as previous typical tradeshows, which consisted of: the standard meet and greet meetings, a pile of business card contacts not really interested in the company’s ingredients, half the badge scans desired due to human error, and overpriced dinners, among other old-hat tactics. 
Stratum’s goal for SuppySide West 2018 was to dig deep and strategize something that could create more engagement and potential new targeted leads than ever before. The main criteria for the new strategy was to quickly catch targeted attention, get more people into the booth for real conversation, educate targets on products, and drive potential customers to Stratum’s exhibitor presentation.
Andrew Rice, director of product & brand strategy commented, “Because we are not a nutraceutical mega company with Dre-deep pockets, we had to be creative with how we challenged the current tradeshow status quo. Larger companies are able to push heavy dollars into ‘immersive’ and ‘experiential’ style trade show booths and strategies, which normally relies on very expensive strategic planning, execution, and tech.”
Stratum set out to develop a more cost effective, semi-experiential trade show campaign. After lots of research, brainstorming, and internal discussion, it settled on a strategy in which the prospects’ “experience” began well before the show ever started. The plan would allow potential new brand partners to explore Stratum’s ingredients by way of developing a product concept within a contest, from which the winner receives a trip to London.
Will it work? “Only time will tell, but it has been a lot of fun creating the ‘Mission Zero’ product concept contest. We hope brands go to the contest website, which opened in September, and submit their concept. It’s got to be better than having to throw away more hoards of business cards,” said Mr. Rice.