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Probi Launches Fast Melt Delivery System for Probiotics


Probiotic powder stick melts directly in the mouth without water needed.

Booth X159
Capsules and tablets are still the most common delivery formats in the probiotic supplement industry, but not all consumers embrace taking pills. To meet the demand for new, innovative application formats, Probi has developed a novel probiotic product formulation: Probi Fast Melt.
Probi Fast Melt is a probiotic powder stick that melts directly in your mouth—no water needed. The powder comes in a fresh lemon flavor and offers a tasty and convenient way of taking probiotic supplements. The stick-pack is easy-to-use and ideal for children, but also suitable for adults. The stick-pack has been developed to provide a product with a pleasant mouthfeel, one stick holding one daily dose. Probi Fast Melt contains Probi´s patented and clinically documented probiotic strain LP299V, but will also be available with other Probi strains.
“Taste and flavor are driving consumption and are becoming an important differentiator also within Consumer Healthcare. We believe that, with Probi Fast Melt, there is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to attract new consumer groups, particularly children, into the probiotic supplement category,” said Niklas Bjärum, president Probi USA, Global Sales & Marketing.
Probi will present this newly launched product application at Supply Side West Booth X159 (Nutraceutix).
The first consumer product with the Probi Fast Melt formulation will be launched in Sweden in October this year already, under the Probi Mage brand, the leading probiotic supplement brand in Sweden.