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HP Ingredients Launches Quantum IQ Kesum Extract


Patented, standardized extract designed for cognition and memory support supplements, foods, and beverages.

Booth EE177
HP Ingredients will debut Quantum IQ, a patented, standardized Kesum extract that has an established use in traditional medicine and cuisine in Malaysia and Southeast Asia at SupplySide West Booth EE177. Its high antioxidant capacity is supported with both pre-clinical and clinical studies, conclusions of which have found that this distinctive ingredient is valuable for cognition and memory support supplements, as well as foods and beverages.
Also, HP Ingredients Livestock Health Division was created to attain the goal of reducing use of antibiotics, chemicals and other pharmaceuticals in animals raised as food sources to heighten sustainability and create healthier, cleaner and safer food for humans. The division launches with two ingredients targeted for the aquaculture industry: 
NatControl: This natural ingredient has been shown to be effective against diseases caused by viral and bacterial agents including intracellular pathogens in fish and sea food. NatControl promotes cytokines from non-specific immunity and activates cellular immunity (Th1) in equilibrium with humoral immunity (Th2), while the antioxidant action provides a means for the immune system to optimize its functions by minimizing tissue damage.
SeaControl: This botanical extract natural additive is effective against sea lice infestation that can occur not only in natural bodies of water but in marine facilities that produce seafood. SeaControl is effective in copepod larvae mortality by 90% and induces an anorexic effect in adult parasites. 
Annie Eng, CEO, commented, “Using bioactive molecules present in natural sources such as plants, macro and micro algae, the HP Ingredients team designed optimized and non-drug products aimed at providing solutions to contemporary problems for production of pigs, poultry and aquaculture production, promoting eco-sensible and safe strategies for people and the environment.”