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Alkemist Labs Develops Online Game to Emphasize Ingredient Testing


Botanical Boss designed to communicate importance of testing to high level executives.

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Alkemist Labs, Costa Mesa, CA, has launched an online adventure game, Botanical Boss, that puts the player behind a supplement brand CEO’s desk as they make decisions about testing during development of a new product.
The player makes a series of decisions prompted by video interviews with staff and testing labs as an entertaining way to illustrate that there are differences in independent testing labs and that finding the right one offers the opportunity to gain a true quality partner.
“We designed Botanical Boss as a humorous way to spark discussions of botanical best practices and education,” said Petra Erlandson, Alkemist Labs director of sales and marketing. “It is a fun way to address the serious topics of testing, quality, and compliance, and in line with our commitment to industry education.”
The game is designed to communicate the importance of testing to high level executives because CEOs, buyers and others who make budgeting and ingredient buying decisions are not always involved in the day to day scientific aspects key to product quality.
“Working with Alkemist and its unique, witty brand-voice, we wanted to elevate the message of ingredient testing in an experiential way by creating a new, unconventional messaging approach that fits the Alkemist brand while standing out compared to other marketing materials in the industry,” said Todd Pauli, partner-strategic communications at The Shelton Group.
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