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AlaskOmega Launches New DHA Omega-3 Concentrates


New DHA (TG) concentrates fulfill demand for 100% sustainable DHA formulations.

Booth LL158

Organic Technologies, producer of MSC-certified AlaskOmega natural fish oils, omega-3 and omega-7 concentrates, has added two new DHA omega-3 concentrates to its line, a high DHA concentrate and a medium strength DHA (non-tuna) tuna oil alternative. AlaskOmega’s high DHA concentrate offers a min. 460 mg/g DHA, 100 mg/g EPA in triglyceride (TG) form (TG100460). The tuna oil alternative is made from wild Alaska Pollock and provides the same EPA/DHA content typically found in tuna oil (min. 50 mg/g EPA, 250 mg/g DHA in TG form). 
Both DHA oils are MSC-certified and well suited for formulators looking for a fully sustainable DHA oil source that is extremely low in oxidation (TOTOX max of 5), and offers excellent sensory characteristics, the company said. To assure AlaskOmega oils have optimal taste and smell, AlaskOmega analyzes the sensory of all its TG oils through a certified in-house organoleptic panel.  

“We see the demand for MSC-certified 100% sustainable DHA concentrates increasing as companies continue to move away from non-sustainable tuna-oil based products due to a potential concern about overfishing and bycatch, and the overall sustainability profile for tuna-based oils,” remarked Dan Wiley, vice president nutrition and health at Organic Technologies, manufacturer of AlaskOmega natural fish oils and omega-3/omega-7 concentrates. “AlaskOmega DHA oils are well suited for supplements targeting prenatal and childhood development, brain/cognitive health, eye and immunity health” continued Mr. Wiley, “offering an excellent sustainability and oil sensory profile.”
The AlaskOmega team will be promoting its new DHA concentrates at the SupplySide West Booth LL158 together with its whole line of MSC-certified AlaskOmega omega-3 and omega-7 concentrates.