Horphag Research Introduces Robuvit


Research shows extract from French oak helps manage fatigue, support energy and aid detoxification.

Horphag Research, global supplier of the ingredient Pycnogenol, has unveiled Robuvit —a patented, standardized French oak wood extract. The ingredient is now available to additional U.S. customers as a result of the completion of a dedicated production line in France. Interest in Robuvit has increased around the world, according to the company, as a number of recent peer-reviewed and published studies have illustrated the extract’s support for vitality, renewed energy and detoxification.
Horphag Research is launching an education campaign to accompany the U.S. arrival of Robuvit so that consumers, manufacturers and wellness professionals can learn more about this new extract and the growing body of research exploring its efficacy.
“The research around Robuvit casts this French oak extract as a credible, natural caffeine alternative for consumers who are seeking to overcome general fatigue and increase everyday energy,” said health and nutrition expert and best-selling author, Dr. Fred Pescatore. “It’s also an emerging option as a natural energy booster for sports and athletic performance.”
Tackling Fatigue
Dr. Fred Pescatore added, “I’m especially interested in what the research on Robuvit indicates for those managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a devastating and complex disorder that affects millions. Clinical research shows that Robuvit helps to combat nagging chronic fatigue symptoms such as loss of memory and concentration, poor sleep quality, headaches and sore throat and extreme exhaustion.”
In two separate clinical studies published in 2013 and 2015, Robuvit was shown to significantly reduce most of the primary and secondary symptoms related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Patients also experienced less fatigue and higher energy and reported improved mood after supplementing with Robuvit. No side effects were observed during supplementation with Robuvit during the studies.
Robuvit’s Origin
Oak has been considered the most venerated tree for centuries. Oak wood has been prized for its resilience, flavor and preservative effects, which is why it is used to store and age wines and spirits, noted Dr. Frank Schoenlau, director of scientific communications at Horphag Research. Scientists have discovered that roburins – a unique class of tannins found only within trees of the oak genus Quercus Robur – provide many of these coveted attributes.
Researchers involved in Robuvit research found ways to isolate and analyze these powerful roburin molecules and developed methods to transfer their benefits to humans. Science shows that roburins enhance basic cellular functions to combat the aging process, increase energy and fend off fatigue.
“We applied decades of expertise in extraction technology to develop Robuvit as a GMO-free, standardized extract rich in roburins and other French oak flavonoids and with an impressive 40% polyphenol content. Robuvit has proven its efficacy in human trials.”
“Several studies have demonstrated how the roburin molecules in Robuvit are distributed and absorbed, as well as their compatibility in the human body,” said Dr. Schoenlau.
Sports Performance
Dr. Schoenlau said the promising results for fatigue and energy led researchers to study Robuvit for athletic performance. In a study published in 2015, amateur athletes participating in triathlon training were given Robuvit supplements. After two weeks, those supplemented with Robuvit improved their triathlon training performance and recovery time and decreased post exercise oxidative stress. The results were parallel in men and women participants.
Natural Detox
Along with its promising benefits for increasing energy, Dr. Schoenlau said that published studies have also demonstrated that Robuvit contributes to the body’s natural detoxification process in the liver. In clinical research, Robuvit has been shown to normalize enzymes and albumin protein levels in the liver while also decreasing oxidative stress—allowing the liver to function at optimal levels.
“Robuvit naturally helps to detoxify the body by supporting liver and lymphatic functions and by reducing fasting blood glucose,” said Dr. Pescatore. “A healthy liver regulates blood sugar, proteins and fat in the bloodstream, and plays a key role in removing toxins. It also processes nutrients absorbed by our intestines and ensures our body functions properly.”
The education campaign for Robuvit will roll out nationally across the U.S. and will keep those interested in the extract informed of breaking news, scientific advancements and new research.
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