Blue Diamond Innovates with Almond Protein


IFT19 attendees were invited to explore new applications for Almond Protein Powder and Almond Butter.

Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division, the world’s foremost almond processor and supplier, showcased its newest innovation in almond ingredients—Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder —at IFT 2019. The ingredient is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the trend towards simple, healthy, and plant-based ingredients and opens up new formulating opportunities for developers of clean-label and nutritionally-focused products.
“Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder has a clean taste and an extra-fine texture,” noted Jeff Smith, director of marketing for Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division. “These are important differentiators from other plant-based proteins and ones that developers find especially appealing as they look to formulate new products.”
Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder is nutrient dense and serves as an excellent source of biotin, phosphorous, copper, magnesium and manganese and a good source of calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron. The ingredient has also been shown to be compatible with complementary proteins, including plant-based sources and dairy sources, allowing for the creation of products with complete amino acid profiles.
“These features make Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder an incredibly versatile ingredient, perfect for nutritional supplements, protein bars, breakfast cereals, protein smoothies and shakes, and protein-enhanced snack and bakery products,” explained Smith. “Within blends, Almond Protein Powder can also aid in neutralizing unpleasant flavors, creating a well-rounded product with good flavor and nutrition and a simpler label.”
As a non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free ingredient, Almond Protein Powder also appeals to consumers with a broad range of dietary needs and provides product developers with a clean-tasting and nutrient-dense protein choice for “free from” food and beverage offerings.
“With its mild flavor, smooth texture and ability to work well with category-spanning ingredients, Almond Protein Powder is an important value-add for food and beverage manufacturers looking to align with consumer demand for healthy, clean-label, protein-rich products,” Smith added.
Throughout the show, visitors to Blue Diamond’s booth had the opportunity to sample the company’s Almond Protein Powder in flavorful protein smoothies. Additionally, recipe demonstrations and tastings highlighted the versatility of almond butter and almond flour in New Orleans-inspired dessert applications, including honey almond butter beignets and almond flour madeleines dipped in chocolate almond butter.