Fibersol Offers Range of Health & Formulation Benefits


Product line benefits from strong technical and scientific expertise.

ADM/Matsutani LLC showcased Fibersol at IFT18. As a premier line of soluble dietary fiber ingredients, Fibersol offers support for nutrition, weight management, sugar reduction, satiety and gut health.
The Fibersol line of products benefit from strong technical and scientific expertise and are backed by reliable service and supply. They are available in a variety of formats to meet the needs of your applications, including: dry, liquid, an agglomerated powder and non-GMO.

Fibersol is digestion resistant and is a prebiotic fiber fermented by microflora in the colon. This provides potential benefits for gut health and can support “good-for-you” structure/function claims for qualifying products. Clinical studies show Fibersol is a prebiotic fiber, helps support or maintain intestinal regularity, helps control the rise in blood glucose after a meal, may attenuate the rise in blood triglycerides following a meal, and when 10 grams are consumed with a meal, may increase satiety. 
Fibersol offers many formulation benefits including: minimal viscosity; no added flavor, taste, or color; and low hygroscopicity in dry formulations. Fibersol-2 is 90 percent fiber and provides only 0.02 grams of sugar per gram, 1.6 Kcal per gram, and can replace many of the non-sweetening functional properties of sugar. It is water soluble and forms a clear solution. It is also heat-, acid-, shear- and freeze/thaw-stable, and maintains its fiber content under those conditions, thus allowing for ultimate formulation and food processing versatility. Enhanced positive organoleptic attributes are reported for Fibersol-2, including improved mouthfeel and bitterness masking, but it contributes no flavor of its own.