CAIF Continues Growth with Expanded Offerings


Company offers new and innovative raw materials for the food, beverage and supplement industries.

Concentrated Active Ingredients & Flavors (CAIF), a leader in the market for botanical extracts, fruits and vegetable powders, showcased its most recent innovations in raw materials, at IFT18. With an extensive product knowledge and portfolio, CAIF commercializes Latin American raw materials for industries within several countries in the Americas.
One of the newest offerings for the Baking industry is Acerola Powder—as a clean-label (ACE+VC) solution for gluten-chain enhancement. While ascorbic acid has traditionally been used to enhance the gluten-chain to improve quality, acerola—a fruit rich in naturally occurring ascorbic acid delivers the same benefits—delivers the advantage of enabling a cleaner-label final product. This new product based on acerola (ACE+), provides for the enhancement of weak flours, improvement in the dough’s resistance to extension and deformation, plus improvement of the crumb structure and baking volume.
And specifically for the meat industry, there are new solutions with significant gains in the potential extension of shelf-life as well as conservation of sensory attributes, while replacing traditional synthetic additives: ACE+XT - based on acerola (ACE) enriched with a blend of Extracts (XT); ACE+EO - based on acerola (ACE) enriched with a blend of Natural Essential Oils (EO). 
This is part of CAIF’s strategy of commercializing formulations for Acerola, based on the ACE+ line for the nutraceutical, bakery and meat industries.
“As one of the world’s leading producers of acerola-derived products with a proven track record in the nutraceutical, bakery and pastry marketplaces, we have full control and traceability of the entire supply chain, up to the fruit itself,” said Cesar Fernandes, CEO of CAIF. “With our partnership with Duas Rodas, the main flavoring company in Latin America, our production line is located at the source. Users of our acerola powder can be assured of the highest quality and supply chain reliability.”
With the growth of its Duas Rodas partnership, customer base and high-quality food ingredient product offerings, CAIF has brought on a number of new hires for customer service, sales and business operations.
Among the ingredients shown at IFT2018 are solutions for Natural Flavoring Extracts and Specialties:
This includes the cascara (cherry coffee pulp) that was traditionally disregarded in the production process but has now gained significant popularity due to its distinct aroma—commonly used as a drink, such as a coffee cherry infusion
The nutritious avocado multivitamin powder, a source of several vitamins and minerals
A new line based in coconut milk, nectar, oil and water.
A premium line of fruit powders using 90% of fruit solids
Other Latin American raw materials are also offered by CAIF and include acai, guarana, maqui, camu camu, yerbamate and soursop. These make up a small part of a portfolio of more than 200 products, such as botanical extracts, natural flavors, powders and flakes.
CAIF also offers a variety of products for natural flavorings based on botanical extracts (standardized in active components) and has developed an excellent collection of flavors based on citrus and peppers.