NZMP to Launch Unique Protein Applications & Ingredient Innovations


Sport and active lifestyle products as well as new medical RTD formula now available in U.S.

Booth S4652
NZMP, Fonterra’s global ingredients brand, will launch new innovative ingredients to its North American customers, including a unique fast-digesting milk protein concentrate, a range of protein-fortified desserts, and a unique medical RTD concept during IFT18.
The versatility of NZMP’s functional protein range will be showcased, with protein ice-creams, dessert pudding and chocolates available to sample at Booth S4652. 
NZMP Ingredients Americas – VP Dairy Nutrition, Ellen James, said, “We continue to invest in new ingredients to meet the needs of our North America customers and consumers. The team is looking forward to sharing these latest product innovations in Sports & Active Lifestyles and Medical Nutrition.”
NZMP’s range of dairy ingredient expertise comes from years of R&D in New Zealand, now shared around the world with leading dairy food and beverage manufacturers.
Introducing a unique fast-digesting milk protein for Sports & Active Lifestyles
SureProtein Fast MPC, NZMP’s new milk protein concentrate, will be on show at IFT. The ingredient challenges conventional thinking on how fast proteins can deliver nutrition to the body.
An optimal source of rapidly digestible milk proteins, SureProtein Fast MPC provides muscles with a higher level of amino acids within the first two hours of consumption, compared to standard milk protein.
Fonterra Senior Research Scientist Aaron Fanning said, “Clinical research has shown comparable essential amino acid appearance for Fast Milk Protein relative to Whey Protein and significant improvement over standard Milk Protein Concentrate. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle tissues, so this milk protein concentrate works quickly on muscle repair and recovery.”
The ingredient allows food and beverage manufacturers to formulate high-quality, ready-to-drink beverages, and it can also be included in dry powder mixes.
Protein for Any Occasion 
Illustrating the versatility of NZMP’s range of functional SureProtein ingredients, NZMP will be showcasing a variety of protein fortified foods at Booth S4652 for visitors to try.   
NZMP Category Director – Active Nutrition, Kelly Fleming said, “The wide variety of consumer application formats our protein goes into creating delicious nutritional products, demonstrates the unique versatility of NZMP’s SureProtein portfolio.”
Medical Nutrition
NZMP’s Medical Nutrition team will showcase a unique 14% high-protein ready-to-drink medical beverage. The RTD has been developed to have good taste and texture. It has a unique combination of a heat stable whey protein and fast-absorbing milk protein concentrate. 
Dairy-based medical nutrition can often be unattractive in taste and texture, limited in variety, and may not resemble “normal food.” Because patients and elderly people often have a reduced ability to chew, swallow, taste, metabolize and digest foods, a focus of NZMP’s Medical Nutrition business is to develop great-tasting, protein-enriched nutritional solutions that are part of a normal diet for older people and provide high-quality nutrition that people can ingest. 
Clinical research suggests that NZMP’s medical beverage is significantly preferred by patients and its superior sensory scores are likely to increase compliance by up to 40%, thereby doubling protein intake with elderly patients and residents alike.
NZMP Medical Nutrition - Head of Sales Camiel van Beek said, “Medical Nutrition is a fast-growing sector around the world as populations live longer with life-style associated diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. As people age they want to improve their own health, mobility and cognition and are looking for food and beverages that deliver this. Our American launch of a 14% high-protein RTD is thanks to NZMP’s long-term investment in R&D. As a result we have a range of science-backed solutions for our customers.” 
Forecasts indicate that the global functional food market will be worth $63.3 billion by 2022 (2.7% CAGR) as the need for protein-fortified solutions to provide senior consumers with high quality nutrition grows.