GELITA Features Gelatin & Collagen Peptides to Optimize Diverse Food Applications


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Booth S2955
GELITA will showcase the properties of its gelatin and collagen peptides for the food and health and nutrition industries at IFT18 Booth S2955. GELITA’s pure protein and clean-label ingredients are suited to meet today’s consumer demands. Visit GELITA’s booth for samples including mirror-glazed cake pops. GELITA will also feature a collagen-based powdered protein beverage mix that is suited for general protein enrichment or other health benefits. Explore the multiple functional and physiological advantages of collagen proteins by engaging with GELITA’s experts.
Although gelatin is typically associated with gummies or other confectionery due to its thermo-reversible gelling behavior, the true potential of this hydrocolloid goes way beyond this expected application. A must-have ingredient used in countless food applications, GELITA gelatin has many functional properties which cannot be mimicked. It is an excellent binding, gelling and whipping agent; emulsifier and stabilizer; and, film and foam former. It creates perfect textures, provides one-of-a-kind mouthfeel, enhances flavor release and more.
And as a pure protein it boosts a food’s nutritional profile, contributes to clean labeling and features no allergenic potential. Due to its diversity and versatility—from warm water-soluble gelatin to cold water-soluble gelatin and even GELITA leaf gelatin—GELITA gelatin is an ideal ingredient choice for beverages, savory dishes, sweet desserts, functional foods and more. 
Collagen protein is the body’s protein, comprising about 30% of total body protein—it is a vital component of the whole body. Recent scientific evidence confirms that the highest efficacy can be achieved when collagen is ingested orally. So, protein supplementation with collagen protein—generally in the form of collagen peptides—helps people stay strong, mobile, flexible and beautiful for longer. However, collagen supplementation should not be considered a one size fits all solution. Research shows that GELITA Bioactive Collagen Peptides are optimized to maximize the stimulatory effects on specific cells in the body, and the level of stimulation is different for varying collagen peptide compositions. GELITA offers a diverse and versatile portfolio of Bioactive Collagen Peptides to support bone, joint, muscle, skin and even ligaments and tendons health.