DuPont Nutrition & Health to Showcase Innovative Ingredient Solutions


Protein experts speaking at three scientific sessions.

Booth S1062
DuPont Nutrition & Health will showcase pioneering solutions for the food and beverage industry at IFT18 Food Expo Booth S1062.
The company will be displaying the latest market-based innovations, including enzymes for bakery applications, plant-based protein advancements, cultures for cheese, and food protection solutions for various applications. Visitors will discover a broad portfolio of new innovative ingredients including:
New POWERBake 6000 enzymes range: a robust bakery solution that enables a reduced dependence on chemical emulsification, improves dough handling and delivers a uniform crumb structure.
New CHOOZIT SWIFT 600 and CHOOZIT AMERI-FLEX: cultures developed to solve productivity and cheese quality needs for industrial-sized cheese makers.
New GUARDIAN TOCO 30P: a highly effective and label-friendly antioxidant from naturally sourced mixed tocopherols in a powder form for improved productivity.
Additionally, the company’s protein experts will be part of three educational sessions on plant-based protein for food and beverage applications during the event.
The Challenge of Meat Alternatives: Stepping Up to the Center of the Plate
This symposium will explore meat alternatives through multiple lenses: a marketing focus on the current consumer, a technical focus on the science of structure in meat and meat alternatives, and a practical focus drawing on the experiences of several key individuals within the meat alternative space. (Monday, July 16, 10:30 am to 12 pm CT)
Featured DuPont Speaker: Austin C. Lowder, application scientist presenting “Meeting the Challenges of Meat Alternatives: Understanding the Ingredient Spectrum”
Protein: Understanding Consumer Interest and Attitudes to Develop Impactful Messaging
This symposium will explore current consumer understanding of protein based on findings from a recent consumer study and a presentation on current evidence for the role of dietary protein to support health-related outcomes recognized by consumers, as well as outcomes that are only just beginning to be well-understood. (Tuesday, July 17, 10:30 am to 12 pm CT)
Featured DuPont Speaker: Michelle Braun, Ph.D., research scientist presenting “From Foundational Knowledge to Emerging Health Benefits: Current Evidence for Protein Consumption for Health”
Flavors of Food Protein Ingredients and Their Applications in Product Formulation
This symposium aims to cover the intrinsic flavors of protein ingredients as well as their interaction with other food components that affect product flavor profiles. The odor and taste of protein ingredients and the effects of processing on protein flavor profile will be addressed in the first two presentations.(Tuesday, July 17, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm CT)
Featured DuPont Speaker: Kimberly Hogan, sensory scientist presenting “Sensory Attributes of Various Plant Proteins and How They Influence Consumer Acceptance”