BENEO Launches New Clean Label Rice Starch


Ingredient delivers product stability enabling food manufacturers to create unique textures.

Booth S1440
BENEO, a manufacturer of natural food ingredients, has expanded its Remypure portfolio with the launch of its second functional native rice starch, Remypure S52. BENEO’s unique production process enhances the functional properties of Remypure rice starches without using chemicals, thus achieving performance levels comparable or superior to modified food starches.
Next to Remypure S51, “…the new Remypure S52 is the result of BENEO’s ongoing commitment to innovation in helping manufacturers meet customer demands for clean label products,” said Jon Peters, president of BENEO, Inc. “Not only is Remypure S52 clean label but it also provides manufacturers with wide-ranging opportunities to enhance their products with a versatile ingredient that is sustainable under the harshest processing conditions.”
In convenience foods like soups, sauces and ready-to-eat meals, the challenge is to maintain optimal functionality under various manufacturing requirements. Remypure S52 allows food manufacturers to create unique textures and excellent product stability under extreme circumstances, such as low pH, high temperature, high shear, without the need for modified starches. 
In other highlights during IFT 2018, BENEO will be featuring additional ingredients from nature such as prebiotic fibers derived from chicory root. These prebiotics improve digestive health and are also used to reduce sugar and fat.
BENEO’s Palatinose (generic name, isomaltulose) is a low glycemic sugar made from sugar beet. Isomaltulose, which also naturally occurs in honey, is slowly released into the body for sustained energy. There is convincing evidence that by following a carbohydrate-based diet with low impact on blood sugar levels, the risk for the development of metabolic diseases is reduced.
Visitors to the BENEO booth can sample a clean label chipotle mayonnaise featuring the new Remypure S52 rice starch, sugar-reduced cookies with Orafti chicory root fiber, sugar-free caramel popcorn with isomalt, and a sustained energy beverage with Palatinose. 
BENEO’s chain of expertise includes nutritional, regulatory, technical, marketing and sales experts working closely with customers across their entire development process to support successful product launches.