AIDP Expands Healthy Aging Portfolio


Company continues to innovate in digestive health, beauty from within, bone and joint health.

Booth S718
AIDP will be waving its “Good Science Makes Great Food” banner at IFT Booth S718, showcasing its portfolio of ingredients that meet the ever growing consumer demand for products in the “healthy aging” category. With AIDP’s specialty in formulation challenges, its expertise continues to be widely sought after in the competitive food and beverage formulation industry.
In the digestive health space, the company’s flagship prebiotic, PreticX continues to gain interest as a clinically-proven XOS prebiotic ingredient ideal for food formulations, whereby it has the ability to selectively boost digestive flora at low dosages compared to other prebiotics, and its ease in formulating. PreticX is also now available in organic.
In addition, AIDP continues to see demand for Anagenix kiwifruit-based ingredients for digestive health, Actazin and Livaux. The company’s newest offering is from NEO CREMAR Co, Ltd., which recently appointed AIDP as the exclusive distributor for its range of oligosaccharides. NeoGOS is a clinically-proven, next-generation, patented form of prebiotics that promotes healthy bacterial growth. It is believed to support digestive health, prevent colonization by pathogens, and balance beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria in the gut.
On the bone and joint health side, AIDP’s leading ingredient, KoACT, a patented collagen calcium combination, continues to grow in sales. AIDP recently added Kappa Bioscience’s patented K2 MK-7 DELTA ingredient, a branded K2VITAL. K2 MK-7 is the fastest growing vitamin worldwide and appears to be on track to become the next D3 due to its established bone and heart health benefits. K2 MK-7 plays an important role in bone and heart health by activating key proteins that bind calcium to bone and directs free calcium away from the arteries to maintain healthy circulation.
Beauty from within is a booming category, and collagen is in huge demand and especially for food and beverage formulations. AIDP’s Naticol is natural type I marine collagen peptide that supports the skin’s collagen structure from within. This Type 1 collagen is a major protein source that makes up 75% of the protein found in connective tissues and skin, playing an essential role in skin tone, suppleness and elasticity. It is clinically proven to improve skin hydration, total skin extensibility and perceived wrinkle reduction. Naticol has a neutral taste and odor, so it is ideal for formulation in beverages. AIDP recently announced a new study showing effectiveness of Naticol in a lower 2.5 g dose.
In addition, AIDP’s plant protein portfolio will be front and center at IFT, featuring a variety of rice and pea protein formulations, hemp protein, pumpkinseed protein, sacha inchi and more. Algaia’s new alginate line, Satialgine DVA, is one of the newest and most exciting entries into alternative ingredients for premium dessert applications. Consumers with food sensitivities to dairy or eggs, a desire for vegan options, or wanting low-fat alternatives to high fat desserts like flan, will not need to compromise flavor or creamy texture, thanks to the formulators at Algaia, experts in the alginate for food production category.
“We continue to expand our product portfolio to meet customer needs, and we’ve been very pleased to bring these additional products to market,” said Mark Thurston, AIDP’s president. “Healthy aging is definitely a focus for us, and we continually strive to meet the demand in the food and beverage formulation industry for high quality, functional ingredients that we are known for.”