U.S. Dairy Proteins Deliver on Consumer Trends


Versatility of wholesome and nutritious dairy brings formulation innovations to life.

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Real, wholesome ingredients produced by farmers who are focused on animal care and environmental stewardship is “Undeniably Dairy.” The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) demonstrated the meaning of the slogan for the dairy community’s new consumer engagement campaign, Undeniably Dairy, with four new prototypes. The prototypes—a matcha-flavored frozen snack bar, high-protein cherry switchel, relaxing and warm chai-flavored beverage and reduced-sodium udon soup—featured U.S. dairy ingredients’ ability to provide unmatched taste, a breadth of nutritional benefits and versatility to be used across a diverse range of applications.

“These prototypes showcase key features that food and beverage manufacturers can add to their products and how U.S. dairy ingredients are indispensable for delivering function, flavor and nutrition to achieve targeted formulation benefits,” said Vikki Nicholson, senior vice president, global marketing for USDEC. “The quality and availability that responsibly-produced U.S. dairy proteins can bring to applications is a combination that is unmatched.”

Each prototype incorporates ingredients made from U.S. milk, carrying the nutrition from a trusted source to a range of applications. Dairy proteins and permeate enable these prototypes to tap into numerous consumer trends, focusing on high-quality protein, on-the-go nutrition, benefits beyond the label, healthy aging, reduced sodium and globally-inspired tastes.

Frozen Matcha Dairy Bar—This unique frozen sandwich features a Greek yogurt and milk protein isolate filling, flavored with matcha green tea and wedged between crispy oat wafers. Containing 15 grams of protein from high-quality U.S. dairy ingredients, these are perfect as a frozen breakfast option, for a high-protein snack and as an on-the-go, high-protein matcha item.

Whey Protein Cherry Switchel—When dairy protein is added to a traditional switchel beverage (a vinegar-based drink), consumers of all ages get a refreshing drink with added value. At just 120 calories per 8 oz. serving, the switchel provides benefits that include improved muscle health thanks to 11 grams of high-quality protein from U.S. whey protein isolate.

Milk and Honey Bedtime Beverage—This calming chai and honey-infused beverage is made with reduced-fat milk, milk protein isolate and micellar casein concentrate. Each serving packs 20 grams of dairy protein and half of the U.S. daily value for calcium. The result is a creamy and nutritious drink which can help consumers wind down after a busy day or intense workout and still reap the benefits of high-quality protein.

Reduced-sodium Protein Udon Soup—An easy-to-prepare comfort food gets an upgrade with reduced sodium and authentic flavors. The savory, protein-enriched udon noodles and Asian broth dish contains 11 grams of protein per serving with 45% less sodium than similar products on the market. High-quality U.S. dairy ingredients, including whey protein concentrate and whey permeate, add nutritional value to this upscale, yet convenient, comfort food.