Kerry Research Helps Pinpoint Consumer Definitions for ‘Clean Label’


About half of those surveyed reported being familiar with the term.

“All-natural,” “non-GMO” and “no additives or preservatives” are the most common product attributes consumers associate with clean label, according to new research from Kerry. The study includes survey research with more than 2,600 respondents across the U.S., U.K., France and Germany.

“Clean label has been a purchase driver for more than five years, yet confusion still abounds among consumers as well as manufacturers and brands looking to meet consumers’ needs,” said Renetta Cooper, business development director at Kerry. “Building on our legacy of market insights, we’re working to pinpoint consumers’ specific drivers as they relate to clean label and understand the commercial opportunities related to those drivers.”

While more than half of consumers surveyed reported being familiar with the term “clean label,” just 38% indicated a strong understanding of its definition. Respondents connected product attributes ranging from “farm grown” to “sustainably produced” to “minimally processed” and “made with real ingredients” to “clean label,” demonstrating what a truly multidimensional opportunity it is for food manufacturers and brands.

At IFT Kerry also highlighted a variety of concepts that incorporate clean label solutions, including:
  • Caramel mocha active lifestyle beverage featuring NutriVie: This protein beverage supports active lifestyles with NutriVie, Kerry’s line of shelf-stable nutritional lipids. 
  • Chocolate raspberry plant-based wellness beverage: This beverage features ProDiem, Kerry’s plant-based protein, to provide a high-quality protein source with an indulgent taste. 
  • Clean label queso dip: This zesty queso dip delivers the taste and functionality of a processed cheese product without the “no-no” ingredients.
  • Cold brew coffee: Featuring Kerry’s cold brew coffee extracts, this beverage is made using a unique, proprietary extraction and concentration process.
  • Cucumber mint mojito snack bar featuring Wellmune: This nutritious snack with trending flavors features Wellmune to boost immune health. 
  • Spicy Asian taco featuring plant-based protein shreds: Seasoned with an Asian-inspired spice blend, Kerry’s soy-based plant protein shreds deliver a taste experience close to real meat.
  • Sugar-reduced chocolate milk: Less of the sugar with all the taste, Kerry’s sugar-reduced chocolate milk solution delivers on the taste and texture that children expect.