Arjuna Targets U.S. Market with Natural Preservatives Line


Company opening new sales office in Dallas, TX.

Booth 4873

Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd. is opening a new sales office in Dallas, TX, to better serve its North American customers and bring its new natural preservatives line to the U.S. Arjuna  exhibited the new natural preservative alongside its portfolio of natural ingredients at IFT17 Booth 4873.

The new line consists of proprietary formulations of essential oils and oleoresins. Arjuna’s R&D team researched a unique selection of botanical extracts possessing antimicrobial activity, then comprehensively tested them in various food and beverage applications. The resulting ingredient systems yielded effective antimicrobial activity and shelf-life extension, without affecting flavor or mouthfeel. This natural preservative portfolio is now available for formulations ranging from fruit juices and meat to frying oil, mayonnaise and breaded products.

“Millennial consumers increasingly demand natural products, and Arjuna helps manufacturers get such clean-label food and beverage products to the market—all without compromising appearance or flavor,” said Benny Antony, PhD, joint managing director for Arjuna.

Trendy fruit-based drinks and smoothies, as well as many vegan products, are susceptible to oxidation and microbial growth. This can result in product degradation that poses a danger to health. “Natural products are, by their very nature, highly sensitive to oxidation and microbial contamination,” he added. “Many such products currently on the market contain synthetic preservatives, but today’s consumers are aggressively seeking safe products without artificial ingredients.”

Nowhere is this demand stronger than in the North American market. “The expert personnel in Arjuna’s US office are highly qualified to coordinate the specific needs to support the company's growing sales in America,” said Mr. Antony. “The team will be responsible for global expansion and new trade associations in the region. This move also will facilitate bringing Arjuna’s other science-supported botanicals, such as Oxystorm, to the market.”

“Arjuna's portfolio consists of traditional botanical extracts backed by research and modern technology, but most importantly, the company tracks and controls the supply chain from 'farm to fork' to provide safe, pure ingredients,” Mr. Antony concluded.