AIPD Broadens Ingredient Portfolio


Company offering digestive health solutions, plant proteins, alginates, and more.

Booth 4452

AIDP will be waving its “Good Science Makes Great Food” banner at IFT17 Booth 4452, featuring a continually expanding line of digestive health ingredients, plant proteins, and other ingredients ideal for food and beverage manufacturing. AIDP’s expertise lies in solutions for challenges in food manufacturing, focusing on science-proven functional benefits and solving issues such as texture and taste profiles for finished products.

AIDP has expanded beyond the popular prebiotic XOS, PreticX, to include probiotics and other science-based digestive health ingredients. Over the past year, the company has added kiwi-based digestive health supporting Actazin and Livaux from New Zealand-based Anagenix; a line of probiotic cultures from Belgian company THT; and dairy-based GOS as well as plant-based Alpha GOS, a probiome booster from French supplier Olygose.

Building its expanding portfolio of plant-based proteins, AIDP continues to innovate, adding unusual offerings such as Pumpkin Protein. AIPD is also a new supplier of Cran D’Or which features cranberry seed powder containing protein.

AIDP recently added alginates to its portfolio, in a supplier agreement with Algaia. Alginates are one of the hottest ingredients in food manufacturing, as product developers continue to search for natural ingredients that not only meet functional food standards but also are easily formulated and able to withstand customer scrutiny for taste and texture.

“We continue to strengthen our product portfolio to meet customer needs, and we’ve been very pleased to bring these additional products to market,” said Mark Thurston, AIDP’s president. “We will again be showcasing our prebiotics and plant proteins, and a sampling of other categories where we feel there is a need for the kind of high quality, functional ingredients that AIDP is committed to.”